Day Trips

River RunnersDay trips are a great way to experience the thrill of white water rafting, without the commitment of a multi-day trip. While the experience of camping and eating outdoors is essential for some, for others just being on the river for a few hours with family and friends is enough. Day trips are also good for beginners. They are a perfect introduction to the sport and often create a desire for longer river running adventures. Day trips easily fit into a traveler's schedule. Many companies offer both full- and half-day trips (mornings and afternoons).

Here are a few suggestions for
the more popular day trip locations:

Guided day- and half-day trips are great for family vacations or corporate retreats. Besides a few of the packing essentials like clothing, everything is provided for you. Even waterproof containers for cameras, etc., are provided! Talk with your guide for more information. Many day-trips include a meal or snacks - nearly always excellent food!

Day trips can last anywhere from a couple of hours, to a full eight to ten hour day on the river. The class of rapids on day trips also varies, from class I (focusing on scenery rather than whitewater) to class IV (extremely difficult). Of course, water level and time of year also play a part. Your guide can help you pick the right class for your ability level and desires.

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