Colorado River Rafting

Colorado River Rafting Westwater Fisher Towers Cataract San Juan Grand Canyon Colorado River rafting provides the most exhilarating white water rafting in America. It is Utah's most popular river, and for a good reason! The thrill of whitewater and the rare beauty of southeastern Utah's red rock canyons make a Colorado River rafting trip breathtaking for both its excitement and beauty! There are four main white water rafting sections on the Colorado River. Each section of the river is unique, and may be appropriate for differing skill levels and ages.

Colorado River Rafting Sections:


Colorado River Rafting [ Planning & Packing ]

Colorado River History

The stuff of legends, the Colorado River runs from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, continuing through the Grand Canyon into Arizona. Colorado River Rafting Some of the best parts of this river cut deeply through Utah - beginning at Westwater Canyon and flowing on to the confluence of the Green River just above Cataract Canyon, and continuing on through Canyonlands National Park emerging next through Lake Powell and continuing through the Grand Canyon. This river offers the walloping white water rafting experience you crave! Westwater Canyon offers Skull, Funnel Falls and Sock-It-To-Me Rapids for the most whitewater fun you can have in a short amount of time. Hell-To-Pay, Little Niagra and Satan's Gut are rapids on the Cataract Canyon Trip.

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Waterfight on Westwater Canyon

Rafting trips on the Colorado River are available for everything from one-day to week long in length and a variety of excitement levels to accommodate families with young children to those looking for bigger thrills. Utah's professional guides and outfitters will make sure you are treated to comfy sleeping quarters and terrific outdoor meals while you experience a safe, memorable Colorado River rafting adventure.

Information courtesy of Utah Guides & Outfitters Association.

For more information on the Utah sections of the Colorado River, contact the Moab Area Travel Council at 435-259-1370.

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