Split Mountain

Put-in: Rainbow Park
Take-Out: Split Mountain Campground
Trip Length: 1/2 day and 1 day trips
Mileage: 8 miles
Class: up to III

One of the best short whitewater trips in the state of Utah!

One-day Trips | split mountain guides |
This is a popular ½ to full-day trip. In eight miles, there is a series of several class three rapids. There is enough whitewater to guarantee thrills, but not so much as to overwhelm. This can be a fun one-day trip for experienced rafters, or provide a great introduction for first-timers. Lunch is provided on full-day trips; snacks may be provided on ½-day trips.

Multi-day Trips
Multi-day trips are not run down Split Mountain.

Family Trips | split mountain guides |
Split Mountain is a great family trip! Package it with a trip to Dinosaur National Monument, and the entire family is sure to be pleased. After hiking through the monument, experience it on raft; your legs will appreciate the break!

Children rafting on the Green River

Groups/Corporate Trips | split mountain guides |
This is the perfect addition to a group or corporate trip. The setting in Dinosaur National Park, the thrill of rapids, plus the short timeframe, help to make this an ideal addition to any corporate trip or family reunion.

Split Mountain [ Planning & Packing ]


If you are looking for 1 day of fun whitewater rafting in a scenic national park, the chance to visit the worlds largest in-situ dinosaur fossil bone quarry and observe spectacular Indian rock art, then Split Mountain Gorge is for you. This trip is located in Dinosaur National Monument adjacent to the city of Vernal, and a two hour drive east of Park City resort in the northeastern region of Utah.

Running the rapids at Split Mountain on the Green River The rafting is exciting, but of intermediate (Class III) difficulty, so novice rafters, families and children age 6 and above can join in the fun. Zooming through rapids like Moonshine, SOB and Schoolboy is exhilarating and full of splashes. There are four big rapids and many other smaller ones where you will be blasting through waves and shooting through narrow chutes. Licensed outfitters offer trips in oar and paddle powered rafts every day from May through September.

Rapids are not the only attraction of the trip. The Green River has carved a 1,500 ft. deep canyon in colorful sandstone and limestone that is so unique it is pictured in many college geology textbooks. Stately spires and sheer cliffs grace the canyon walls. The rocks cover a time span of over 300 million years and contain numerous marine fossils.

If you or your children are interested in fossils and dinosaurs, then be sure to visit the parks huge dinosaur fossil bone quarry. It is considered one of the largest Jurassic Period dinosaur fossil bone sites in the world. Another highlight of a Split Mountain Gorge trip is visiting and learning about 1,000 year old Fremont Indian rock art. During the trip you'll stop at the McKee Springs area, with life-sized human and animal figure rock art chipped into the sandstone. They were wonderful artists.

A Split Mountain Gorge rafting trip is ideal for persons on a limited time schedule, but who want to see one of Utah's finest national monuments.

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