Made In Utah - Salt Lake City

These products and services have unique ties to Utah and have become iconic in their respective categories. While traveling in Utah we encourage you to seek out and try local products. They will add rich variety to your visit.

Apple Beer Corporation
Apple Beer is a unique gourmet soda drink made from apples, herbs and spices. It is prepared much like beer and it develops a head. It does not contain alcohol or caffeine. It is sold online and at retailers around the U.S.

Black Diamond
In order to meet the goal of 'designing and manufacturing' the best climbing and skiing gear, Black Diamond moved operations from California to Salt Lake City, Utah to be minutes from great rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, and back country skiing.

�We're surrounded by a high-energy climbing and skiing community and a quality of life that suits our quest to climb and ski as much as possible.'

Chuck-A-Rama is a homegrown, family-friendly, all-you-can-eat restaurant with many locations throughout. Utah. (There are even a couple of the restaurants in Idaho.)

It is a locals favorite for home-style meats, potatoes, salads and desserts.

Cummings Studio Chocolates
At age 15, V. Clyde Cummings discovered he had a gift for making candy. He experimented to perfect his recipe and, in 1924, turned to candy making as a full time business.

"The secret process developed by V. Clyde Cummings was passed to his son Paul, then on to other members of the Cummings family. The chocolates are made under carefully controlled conditions, leaving only the cutting and dipping to others."

The main Cummings store is located at 679 E 900 S, Salt Lake City. The chocolates can also be purchased online and via telephone orders.

Farr Better Ice Cream
In 1929, The Farr Company opened the first commercial ice cream manufacturing plant in Utah. Originally, the ice cream was sold exclusively in the company's shop attached to the plant. Today it can be purchased at grocery stores around the region.

"Today that same ice cream shop has become a Utah icon, mentioned in such publications as National Geographic and Via Magazine, it is recognized as 'one of the oldest continually operating ice cream shops in America.'"

Hires Big H
Hires Big H Drive-In is known for its sensational Big H hamburger, fresh cut fries, homemade onion rings, special dipping sauce and frosty mugs of root beer.

Hires now has three locations including the main drive-in at 425 S. 700 E., Salt Lake City.

Honeyville Farms
The farms around the community of Honeyville, Utah, have long grown and distributed wheat and other grains, selling to major companies around the US.

They have also always sold direct to consumers in the nearby area. In recent years they have opened retails stores where people can buy fresh products, direct from the producer. They specialize in baking mixes and food storage products.

Honeyville now operates retail stores in Utah, Arizona and California. They have a retail store and distribution center at 635 North Billy Mitchell Road, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Howie Garber Photography
Howie Garber is a widely published fine art, nature, wildlife, landscape, and travel photographer based in Salt Lake City. Many of his images show Utah scenes but he also has an extensive stock image library from around the world. His books and prints are available online. He offers photography workshops and field trips.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
The first franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet was opened in 1952 by Pete Harman in South Salt Lake, Utah. The original building was used for many years but was demolished in 2004. A new KFC store operates at the original location, 3890 S State St, Salt Lake City. That store showcases memorabilia from KFC's history.

"Harman in turn invented the now-iconic paper bucket. For $3.50, he filled them with 14 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls and gravy and struggled to keep up with customer demand."

Kennecott Copper
Kennecott Copper operates one of the largest copper mines in the world. The mine is clearly visible in the mountains on the southwest edge of the Salt Lake Valley. It is a massive hole in the ground. A visitor center at the top allows incredible views of the operation, along with a museum showing mining equipment and procedures.

Meadow Gold
Meadow Gold milk products were long-produced at Arden's Meadow Gold Dairy in northern Utah. In recent years the Meadow Gold name was purchased by Southern Foods Group and Meadow Gold products are sold in many areas around America.

Oakdell Egg Farms, Inc.
Oakdell Eggs Farms Inc. has its headquarters in Utah and eggs are produced at farms in Utah, Idaho and Washington. They are often sold as store brands by major retailers including Smith's, Macey's, Albertson's (in WA & OR), WinCo, Dan's, Fred Meyer, Harmons, and Costco.

Recently the company has begun marketing eggs under its own name, and has developed a line of popular products including eggs produced by cage-free chickens and an Omega-3 brown egg from brown hens fed a totally vegetarian diet.

Salt Water Taffy
Salt water taffy is a traditional Utah favorite that has been produced by many companies. It is natural that it would be produced here because Salt Lake City is close to an abundant supply of natural salt water.

Today the candy can be purchased online and at many shops around Utah.

Sweet Candy Company
Sweet Candy Company has been making quality taffy, milk chocolate and dark chocolate orange sticks, cinnamon bears and other treats for almost 120 years. That makes it one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy companies in the United States.

Sweet's offers free public candy factory tours Monday through Thursday by reservation. Sweet is located at 3780 West Directors Row, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah Woolen Mills
Utah Woolen Mills is a retail clothing store selling fine clothing for men and women. It was founded by the Lloyd family in 1905. The company has only one location, 59 W. South Temple Salt Lake City, across from Temple Square.

The intial conception of Winger's began in the mid 1980's in a 1940's style train car in downtown Salt Lake City at a place called California C&R. The first Winger's store opened in 1993 in Bountiful Utah. "While we are known for our 'World Famous Wings' with 'Original Amazing Sauce', we have also now added our equally popular 'sticky Finger's�, among many other menu items that have become favorites over the years."

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