Salt Lake City Area Restaurants

Dining at Gateway Mall The Salt Lake City area offers a wide range of dining options, with a surprising number service excellent international cuisine. Most major restaurant chains are represented in the city plus many establishments that are unique to the city. Excellent eateries can be found in all parts of the Salt Lake Valley. The guide below highlights some of the options.

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Salt Lake City Restaurants
Nauvoo CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
The RoofmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Garden RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
The Lion House PantrymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Spencers For Steaks & ChopmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Cedar Creek GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Donovan'smoreSalt Lake CitySeafood $$$$
Pierpont CantinamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Ruth's DinermoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Tres HombresmoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Lamb's Grill CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Log HavenmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Rumbi Island Grill- SLCmoreSalt Lake CityOther $$
Iggys Sports GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Sun & Moon CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Riverhorse CafemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$
Cancun CafemoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Aristo's moreSalt Lake CityOther $$
Himalayan KitchenmoreSalt Lake CityOther $$
Costa VidamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Due SouthmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Diamon Lil's RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Sawadee Thai RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
Good Day Baked Goods & CateringmoreSalt Lake CitySouthwestern $
Five Alls RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
TrofimoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Restaurant Panache moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Liquid Joes moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Cucina Deli moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Benihana moreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$$
Star of IndiamoreSalt Lake CityOther $
Cafe MedmoreSalt Lake CityVegetarian
Frida BistromoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Sugar House Barbeque Co.moreSalt Lake CityBBQ $$$
The Other Place RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityBBQ $
Mama's Plantation RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Al Forno's RistorantemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Biaggi's Ristorante ItalianomoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Bangkok ThaimoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Metropolitan ThemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Greek SouvlakimoreSalt Lake CityOther $
The Old Spaghetti Factory- SLCmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Market Street moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Squatter's Pub BrewerymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Flemings Prime SteakhousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Molca SalsamoreSalt Lake CityMexican
Chili's-DowntownmoreSalt Lake CitySouthwestern $$
Citris GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Market Street BroilermoreSalt Lake CitySeafood
Tokai Sushi 4UmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $
Olive Garden- SLCmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$
VintomoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Poplar Street PubmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Olive Garden - South SLCmoreSalt Lake CityItalian
The Alta ClubmoreSalt Lake CityItalian
ElevationsmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Costa VidamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Paradise Bakery moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Judge Cafe & GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
The Copper OnionmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
TakashimoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$
Piper Down & Olde World PubmoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Iggy's Sports Bar & Grill-SLCmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Rusted Sun PizzeriamoreSalt Lake CityItalian
Eggs In The CitymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Naked Fish Japanese BistromoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $
Cafe TriomoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Wasatch PizzamoreSalt Lake CityItalian $
Litzas PizzamoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Tsunami Restaurant & Sushi BarmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$$
Lugano RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Caffe MolisemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Red Iguana RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Ruth's Chris Steak House - SLCmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Chuck-A-Rama Buffet moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
GurusmoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Tuccis RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
The Plum RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Tony Caputo's Market and DelimoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
MacCool's Public House (SLC)moreSalt Lake CityOther $-$$
Em'smoreSalt Lake CityOther $$
The MayanmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Oasis CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
The Big Apple PizzeriamoreSalt Lake CityItalian
MartinemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
The Pie Pizzeria- Salt Lake CitymoreSalt Lake CityItalian $
Eva Small Plates & DrinksmoreSalt Lake CityOther
Barbacoa Mexican Grill moreSalt Lake CityMexican
The Melting PotmoreSalt Lake CityOther $$$
Happy Sumo-Gateway moreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$$
Sapa Suchi Bar & Asian GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
BarbacoamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Costa VidamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Little WorldmoreSalt Lake CityChinese
Fresco Italian CafemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$
Cafe OlympusmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Rice BowlmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
House Of BreadmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
MeditrinamoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Mcgraths Fish HousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Cafe RiomoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
The Garden Cafe- The Grand America HotelmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Mimis Cafe moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Tucanos-SLCmoreSalt Lake CityOther $$$
Atlantic Cafe MarketmoreSalt Lake CityOther
New YorkermoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
La Cai Noodle HousemoreSalt Lake CityAsian
Roberts RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAsian
Gepetto'smoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
FaustinamoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Cracker BarrelmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Carl's CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Mazza moreSalt Lake CityOther $$$
Perkins Cafe & BakerymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Market Street moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Yum Yum KitchenmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $
Cancun Cafe moreSalt Lake CityMexican $
TuscanymoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$$
Kowloon CafemoreSalt Lake CityAsian $
Allie's American GrillemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Pinon Market & CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Cucina ToscanamoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$
Blue LemonmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Blue IguanamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Tin Angel CafemoreSalt Lake CityOther $$
Pats Barbecue and CateringmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Soup KitchenmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Gueros JuicemoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
PiastramoreSalt Lake CityItalian
ShogunmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$
Olio RistorantemoreSalt Lake CityItalian
Olive Garden - SLCmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Brookside Broiler and GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Rocky Mountain GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Market Street Grill at RiverparkmoreSalt Lake CitySeafood $$$
Red Rock Brewing Co.moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
StonegroundmoreSalt Lake CityItalian
PF Chang's China BistromoreSalt Lake CityChinese $$
Go SushimoreSalt Lake CityJapanese
JB's Family RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Great Harvest BreadmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Macaroni GrillmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Siegfried's Delicatessen IncmoreSalt Lake CityOther
BambaramoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Inferno CantinamoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Thai SiammoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Yoshis Japanese GrillmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $
Ichiban Sushi & JapanesemoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$
ZY RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Chanon Thai CafemoreSalt Lake CityAsian
Gurus- Salt LakemoreSalt Lake CityItalian
Vienna BistromoreSalt Lake CityEuropean $$
Rodizio Grill-Trolly Square moreSalt Lake CityEuropean $$$
Settebello Pizzeria NapoletanamoreSalt Lake CityItalian $
Frank Granato Importing Co.moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Applebee'smoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Ginza Japanese Cuisine & Sushi BarmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$
J Wong's Asian BistromoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
The Original Pancake HousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Caffe NichemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Bombay House moreSalt Lake CityOther $$
Barbacoa moreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Cafe TriomoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Hong Kong Tea House & RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAsian
Vertical DinermoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Thaifoon Taste of AsiamoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
Cafe Trang- SLCmoreSalt Lake CityAsian
PagomoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
The BayoumoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Wingtips Bar & BistromoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Rinos Italian RistorantemoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Apple Spice JunctionmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $
Grill 114moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Market StreetmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Banzai Teppan YakimoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
MikadomoreSalt Lake CityJapanese
Living CuisinemoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$
IhopmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
E Jo RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $$$
East West ConnectionmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
Thai Lotus CafemoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
Cafe Madrid IncmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$$
ParismoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
The DoDomoreSalt Lake CityItalian
Gracie'smoreSalt Lake CityOther
IhopmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
The Cedars of LebanonmoreSalt Lake CityOther $$
East Coast SubsmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Gourmandise the BakerymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Ruby River SteakhousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
The Dodo RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Nobrow Coffee & Tea ComoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Christopher's Seafood & SteakhousemoreSalt Lake CitySeafood $$
Legends Pub & GrillmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
Cafe Anh HongmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Sages CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Royal EaterymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Paradise BakerymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Macaroni Grill-Peery Hotel moreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
The Garden RestaurantmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Litzas PizzamoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Simply Sushi- SLCmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $
Bayleaf CafemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Pei Wei Asian Diner moreSalt Lake CityChinese $
Texas RoadhousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Little America Steak HousemoreSalt Lake CityAmerican
Canella'smoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
California Pizza KitchenmoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$$
Maxwell's East Coast EaterymoreSalt Lake CityItalian $$
Del TacomoreSalt Lake CityMexican
Cafe RiomoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
New York Subs moreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
ACME Burger CompanymoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $
KyotomoreSalt Lake CityJapanese $
Panache Wine BarmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$
Sampan moreSalt Lake CityChinese $
La PuentemoreSalt Lake CityMexican $
Rio Grande CafemoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Market Street Oyster BarmoreSalt Lake CityAmerican $$$
Pistol PetesmoreSalt Lake CityMexican $$
Last Samurai Downtown SLCmoreSalt Lake CityAsian $$
NostalgiamoreSalt Lake CityAsian $
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Murray Restaurants
Mimi's Cafe - MurraymoreMurrayAmerican $$
Applebee's - Murray moreMurrayAmerican $$
Brio Tuscan GrillemoreMurrayItalian $$
Olive Garden - MurraymoreMurrayItalian $$
Red Lobster _ MurraymoreMurrayAmerican $$
Left Fork GrillmoreMurrayAmerican $$
Denny's (Murray)moreMurrayAmerican $
Chuck-A-Rama (Murray)moreMurrayAmerican $
Wasatch Broiler & GrillmoreMurrayAmerican $$
California Pizza Kitchen ( Murray)moreMurrayAmerican $$
The Cheesecake FactorymoreMurrayAmerican $$
Red Robin - MurraymoreMurrayAmerican $$
Macaroni Grill-Fashion Place moreMurrayItalian $$
Super GrindersmoreMurrayAmerican $
Wingers - MurraymoreMurrayAmerican $
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Midvale Restaurants
buca di beppo moreMidvaleItalian $$$
Epic Casual DiningmoreMidvaleAmerican $$$
Iggy's-Union Heights moreMidvaleAmerican $$
Hoppers Seafood & GrillmoreMidvaleSeafood $$
Chilis-Midvale moreMidvaleSouthwestern $$
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West Valley City Restaurants
Chili's Grill & Bar - West ValleymoreWest Valley CityAmerican $$
El Paisa Grill Fresh MexmoreWest Valley CityMexican $
Cafe Rio - West Valley moreWest Valley CityMexican $
Chilis-Centennial Park moreWest Valley CitySouthwestern $$
Training Table (West Valley)moreWest Valley CityAmerican $
El RocotomoreWest Valley CitySeafood $$
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West Jordan Restaurants
Chili's-West Jordan moreWest JordanSouthwestern $$
Archibald's RestaurantmoreWest JordanAmerican $
Simply SushimoreWest JordanAsian $
Iggy's-Jordan Landing moreWest JordanAmerican $$
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Sandy Restaurants
Hunt Mysteries Dinner TheatermoreSandyAmerican
TiburonmoreSandyAmerican $$$
Bosai Japanese SteakhousemoreSandyAmerican $$
Rumbi Island Grill - SandymoreSandyOther $
Chilis-Sandy moreSandySouthwestern $$
Mayan AdventuremoreSandyAmerican $$$
Highnote Thai CuisinemoreSandyAsian $$
Costa Vida - SandymoreSandyMexican $
Village Inn - SandymoreSandyAmerican $
IHOP - Sandy 1moreSandyAmerican $
Mi Ranchito Grill - SandymoreSandyMexican $
The Fox Hole Bar & GrillmoreSandyAmerican $$
Texas Roadhouse (Sandy)moreSandyAmerican $$
Tin Roof GrillmoreSandyAmerican $
T.G.I Friday'smoreSandyAmerican $
Last SamuraimoreSandyAsian $
IHOP - Sandy 2moreSandyAmerican $
Carver's Steakhouse moreSandyAmerican $$$
Asian StarmoreSandyAsian $$
Training Table (Sandy)moreSandyAmerican $
Iggy's Sports Grill - Union ParkmoreSandyAmerican $$
Tiburon Fine DiningmoreSandyAmerican $
Madelin's SteakhousemoreSandyAmerican $$
Paradise Bakery & CafemoreSandyAmerican $
Ruby River Steakhouse - South ValleymoreSandyAmerican $$
RafaelsmoreSandyMexican $
New Delhi PalacemoreSandyAsian $$
Simply Thai RestaurantmoreSandyAsian $
Outback Steakhouse-Sandy moreSandyAmerican $$$
La CaillemoreSandyOther $$$
Johanna's KitchenmoreSandyAmerican $
Asian PotatomoreSandyAsian $
Olive Garden - SandymoreSandyItalian $$
Ruby River - SandymoreSandyAmerican $
Iggy's-Sandy moreSandyAmerican $$
Tsunami Restarant & Sushi BarmoreSandyAsian $$
Fuji Japanese Steak House & Sushi BarmoreSandyAsian $
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South Jordan Restaurants
Red Robin - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAmerican $
Village Inn - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAmerican $$
Zupas - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAmerican $
Lanikai GrillmoreSouth JordanOther $
China Wok - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAsian $
Madeline's Steakhouse - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAsian
KatanamoreSouth JordanAsian $$
The Wild RosemoreSouth JordanAmerican $$$
Blue Fish Suchi BarmoreSouth JordanAsian $$
Babacoa Mexican Grill - South JordanmoreSouth JordanMexican $
Wing Nutz - South JordanmoreSouth JordanAmerican $$
Cafe Rio - South JordanmoreSouth JordanMexican $
Buster BurgermoreSouth JordanAmerican
The Pie Pizzeria - South JorandmoreSouth JordanAmerican $
Winger's Grill & Bar - RivertonmoreSouth JordanAmerican $
Olive Garden - South JordanmoreSouth JordanItalian $$
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Draper Restaurants
Noodles & Company - DrapermoreDraperAsian $
Food For ThoughtmoreDraperAmerican $
Pier 49 San Francisco PizzamoreDraperItalian $
Asian Buffet (Draper)moreDraperAsian $
Cafe Trang - DrapermoreDraperAsian $
Applebee's - DrapermoreDraperAmerican $-$$
Cafe Rio - DrapermoreDraperMexican $
Christopher's Steak House & Grill (Draper)moreDraperAmerican $$$
Zupas - DrapermoreDraperAmerican $
Barbacoa - DrapermoreDraperAmerican $
Chuck-A-Rama (Draper)moreDraperAmerican $
Fazoli's ( Draper)moreDraperItalian
Fong's Fine Chinese RestaurantmoreDraperAsian $$
El Rancho GrandemoreDraperMexican $$
Rumbi Island Grill - DrapermoreDraperOther $
Bajio - DrapermoreDraperMexican $
Mad Greek - DrapermoreDraperOther $
Goodwood Barbeque moreDraperBBQ $$
Guadalahonky's Mexican RestaurantmoreDraperMexican $$
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Riverton Restaurants
Chilis-Riverton moreRivertonSouthwestern $$
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Snowbird Restaurants
The Aerie Restaurant- Snowbird ResortmoreSnowbirdAmerican $$$
The Steak PitmoreSnowbirdAmerican $$
El Chanate Restaurant & CantinamoreSnowbirdMexican $$
Wildflower RestauranmoreSnowbirdItalian
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Alta Restaurants
Alta's Rustler Lodge RestaurantmoreAltaAmerican $$
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Brighton Restaurants
Silver Fork Lodge & RestaurantmoreBrightonAmerican $$
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Solitude Restaurants
Kimi's Mountainsie BistromoreSolitudeAmerican $$
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