San Rafael Photo Gallery

The photos on this page show a sample of the fun available in San Rafael. Click on a photo to see a larger version. Click or scroll on large photos to move through gallery.

San Rafael OverviewGoblin Valley OverviewLittle Wildhorse Hike San RafaelSan Rafael RiverMuddy Creek - San Rafael SwellRapelling in Music Canyon - San Rafael SwellGoblin Valley State Park - San Rafael SwellPlaying on the goblins at Goblin Valley State ParkBarrios Canyon Rock Art - San Rafael SwellHurst Bridge - San Rafael SwellLittle Wildhorse Hike - San Rafael SwellBell Canyon - San Rafael SwellBuckhorn Wash Rock Art- San Rafael SwellRochester Creek - San Rafael SwellPetroglyphs in Segocanyon - San Rafael SwellSan Rafael Knob - San Rafael SwellWedge Overlook - San Rafael SwellArriving at Goblin Valley State Park - San Rafael SwellCrack Canyon - San Rafael SwellMusic Canyon Adventure in San Rafael Swell

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