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I recently read your article about skiing in the Elk Meadow backcountry. Is this guy for real? Alec Hornstein must have the best job in the world! Absolutely awesome!! The article was very interesting and informative. What a way to earn a living, doing what he evidently loves to do. I would love to see you do a follow up article on this facinating person. Thanks again for such an interesting article.

Northern Mississippi

I'm just checking out the Utah.com website to help my parents plan a trip to your wonderful state. Porter is just like my Hank--a cloud of white fur on four legs! Hank actually got to play in two feet of snow this winter unlike his past two winters here in North Carolina! Well, I hope you two have a great time on all your travels. I absolutely loved Utah when I was out there a few years ago--beautiful state!

Deanna H.

Thanx for making Utah a place for information on things other than skiing and Mormons. I'm from Utah valley but have lived overseas (Europe and Asia) for the last 15 years. Every time I say I'm from Utah people say oh.... and kinda think a minute, then they say are you Mormon? I am, and glad of it, but Utah is much much more then that. Your travels show that. I'll direct more people to this site to get an idea of how it really is. I'm heading home for a visit (why I'm looking at Utah.com in the first place) in August and may just go for a hike in the Oquirrh mountains. Thanx again and keep it up!

Glen E.
Kaiserslauten Germany

I came across your travel stories while looking into info. for a trip this spring down to the Beehive state. I am coming back (for the 7th or 8th time in 6 years or so) to Utah with my brother, nephew, and a friend to hike the Escalane for a week this April. I was down there in late September and early Octpber at Zion, Bryce, Paria area, etc. I am at work so I only glanced at your latest story and saw the list of ' where has Jeff been' stories, and your bio. YOU ARE DOING WHAT I HAVE DREAMED ABOUT DOING FOR SEVERAL YEARS!

I have been thinking about moving to Utah. I love the canyons and as a snowboarder have always wanted to try some of that good dry Rocky Mt. powder after spending years on the foggy wet slopes of Washington. I have flirted with the sports you allude to -- rockclimbing, paragliding. Utah has everything I have been looking for, except an ocean beach (of course there is the Great Salt Lake if I craved a little sudo-ocean action).

Rob B.

Jeff, since your e-mail address was available on the web, I would like to thank you for giving us the idea to trek the Pony Express Trail during our vacation! My sister, Susan, who is a speech pathologist in the Tooele School District--all of it!, and I spent a very long and gratifying (now that it's over) day on the Pony Express Trail from Stockton to Ibapah! With the AWD Subaru loaded with food and water, full of gas and the tires checked, we headed out across the desert on a unpaved but graded road (and I use the term loosely). We suffered a mild panic-attack when, at one point, we realized we had no idea if we were on the correct road to Fish Springs. The mileage between the Stations isn't noted on any map. (This trip was taken after we had just spent 5 days in southwestern Utah with road signs everywhere to identify the route. Culture shock!) Antelope, birds, and lizards were a welcome sight! Until we reached Fish Springs, we must have been the only humans in the area. After driving over 3 hours--at 20-30 mph due to the road surface--better than the 10 mph for the ponies and riders--at Fish Springs we both bought tee-shirts! Been there! Done that! Deserved a tee-shirt! The Rangers at Fish Springs were very patient, friendly, and helpful! After a picnic lunch, we headed west again, stopping at the mines to cautiously explore. The trip to, through, and beyond Callio was much calmer. We thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, the scenery, and the experience! I would highly recommend the trip. If one wants to just spend the day in Fish Springs, I would recommend they enter from the Ibapah-Wendover entrance. Not as adventurous or scenic, but much quicker. Thank you, Jeff, for adding another chapter in our "book."

Margaret E.
Rochester, NY

Still keeping up with your travels. I've been to the Salt Lake area twice, your travels keep me informed. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself. Keep those fantastics photos coming and have safe travel.

Billy G.

Hi Jeff, my name is Jeff also and I moved from Salt Lake to Sugar Land a few years ago! And I'm also 29! I was on the Utah Travel Council website looking for some screen savers of Utah because I am so homesick. What is there to do in Sugar Land that is even close to the beautiful outdoors of Utah! I have take my family to Brazos Bend State Park but it doesn't come close to hanging out in Little Cottonwood Canyon, or a million other places I miss in Utah. I hope I can get back soon! Enjoy your journeys around Utah, I wish I were there!

Jeffrey J.

I'm 35, an environmental and health and safety professional living in Detroit, MI who manages to squeeze in hiking/camping trips of my own. I freqently backpack solo to desolate wilderness areas. I haven't traveled as much as you have but I am interested in hiking/camping Utah -- namely Bryce Canyon -- or some other out of the way, back in the wilderness site.

Jeff A.

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