Winter Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is not only the safest and oldest form of aviation; it is also the hottest winter adventure. Hot air balloons fly all year round, always given that the weather is good, but they fly the better the colder it is. The burners are radiating significant heat down into the basket, so it is not colder up in the air than on the ground. The lift in the balloon is generated by the air temperature difference from inside the envelope to ambient temperature. In winter time that difference is the greatest, balloon fly longer, reach the highest altitudes, fly longer, and further than in summer time. The white winter blanket over Park City and the Wasatch mountains also makes for the most spectacular and surrealistic vistas of the whole year.

Flying in a balloon gives you an absolutely unique feeling of being airborne, seemingly weightless floating with the wind. Balloons use different wind directions at different altitudes to navigate. Spectacular views of Park City, the ski resorts( Link to ski resorts page?!), and the surrounding areas including Salt Lake City are guaranteed.

Balloons always fly during the early morning hours, the time when the air is the calmest and most stable. Balloon flights departing from Park City last about an hour, one should calculate about 3 hours total for the whole experience.

Companies offering year round balloon rides in the Park City area:

    Utah Outventures 866-366-8824 or 801-824-3934

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