Utah Skiing

Utah skiing photo tour

Utah's 14 downhill ski resorts rank with the best in the world; indeed, many serious skiers think our deep, dry powder, long runs and varied terrain constitute the "Greatest Snow on Earth."

Our resorts hosted some of the world's top athletes during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Since then, Propelled by momentum from that exposure, our resorts have expanded and upgraded facilities, and continually offer a top experience in terms of skier satisfaction, snow conditions and amenities.

Utah Skiing

Utah's ski resorts are designed to give you and your family the best winter sports experience around! One key factor is ease of travel. The majority of our resorts are less than an hour's drive from the Salt Lake International airport [mileage chart].

Resorts are sprinkled amid the towering mountains that run north to south through Utah, from Beaver Mountain on the north to Brian Head on the south. Clusters of resorts can be found in key areas: 4 are located in the canyons on the east side of Salt Lake Valley; three in the Park City area and 3 in scenic Ogden Valley.

With the purest snow offered by Mother Nature, Utah provides the greatest skiing terrain possible. From northern Utah to southwestern Utah, ski resorts are scattered throughout the state. But Utah ski resorts offer more than powder. They afford visitors with a full range of lodging, dining, and entertaintment. Utah ski resorts are committed to making certain your nights off the slopes are just as perfect as your days on the slopes!

Skiing typically begins statewide in mid- to late-November, and generally continues through April [monthly snowfall and temperatures].

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