Brighton (Boarding)

Brighton Ski Resort

With possibly one of the biggest snowboarding playgrounds in Utah, Brighton Ski Resort allows riders to soar vertical in freestyle zones or shred the trails on the slopes with the pros. Known as the Capital of Snowboarding, a plethora of tabletops, step-downs, jumps, hips, spines, fun boxes, and rails allow riders to spin, jump, flip or railride through a day (or night) of fun. In constant change, the number of hits are endless and offer riders a new experience each time they visit Brighton. Uncountable numbers of rails has dubbed part of Brighton's terrain park Rail City. With a SuperPipe cut almost on a daily basis, riders soar up to 10 to 12 feet on a 150 to 300 foot pipe.

During the 2000-2001 season, Brighton became a complete official Burton Method Center. Concurrently, Burton and Brighton have developed a teaching program designed to help new riders learn to turn quicker and spend less time on the ground. The Method Center utilizes the American Association of Snowboard Instructors teaching techniques and small class size of four or less. Brighton has also sponsored events like the Burton Pipe Jam. With diverse and modern riding areas, Brighton has over 66 runs with varying expertise, 1,050 shreddable acres, limitless backcountry access and 6 lifts making riders want to return year after year.

Brighton offers free riding to all children 6 years old and younger and kids 7-12 are just $25.

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