Snowkite The New York Times ran an article highlighting snowkiting on Utah's Skyline Drive and called it "winters newest extreme sport." (Jan 6, 2005 - read the article).

All you need is the wind, a snowkite, skies or snowboard, and an attitude for fun! Skyline Drive is a great spot for snowkiting because it offers plenty of deep snow, steep slopes and open bowls. And the scenic view are simply outstanding!

Snowkiting has endless possibilities. It is the ultimate in backcountry skiing. There is no need for a ski lift or resort. Your snowkite will pull you uphill and downhill at varying speeds.

Skyline Drive is located on the Wasatch Plateau, at an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, where there is plenty of wind, snow, and excitement! The wind can be fairly steady at 10-15 mph.

Snowkiting Snowkites can accelerate up to 50 mph. The lifting power of the wind allows kiters to jump to distances of up to 100 feet, making it the ultimate freestyle sport.

Whenever you play in the backcountry be aware of avalanche danger! Always snowkite in groups, wear an avalanche beacon, dress warm, and never exceed your limits.

The best access to the Skyline Drive snowkiting area is from Sanpete Valley. To get there head south on Heritage Hwy 89 at Spanish Fork. You can also take I-15 exit number 225 at Nephi and head east up the canyon. If you're coming to Sanpete from the south, take I-70 exit number 56 at Salina and head north on Hwy 89.

The complex is located up Fairview Canyon, along Highway 31. Snowplows keep the road cleared all winter. Pull-out parking is located at the launch site for convenient unloading.

View a map of this area.

The snowkite terrain in Sanpete is'll be glad you came!

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