East Fork Snowmobile Complex

East Fork Complex Map (pdf, 543k)

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The East Fork Snowmobile Complex provides snowmobilers with extensive trails in southern Utah's famous color country. It is located close to the Cedar Mountain Snowmobile Complex, within a four-hour drive of the major population centers of Las Vegas and the Wasatch Front, and just west of Bryce Canyon National Park. Ample snow on the high mountain trails and winter access to some of America's most unique scenery, make this one of Utah's premier snowmobile complexes. An abundance of quality facilities and accommodations are also available in this area.

This complex includes trails leading to the spectacular scenery of Bryce Canyon National Park, where millions of years of erosion and uplift have created magnificent redrock formations. Access to the complex is via a major trailhead at Ruby's Inn. Below are some specific items of interest about the trails included in the East Fork Snowmobile Complex. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides and travel maps of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

East Fork (K) and (L)
The East Fork Trail originates from Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon National Park. The 18-mile groomed trail is a winter wonderland contrasted by red cliffs and giant ponderosa pines. From lofty mountain overviews, you can see snow covered, delicately carved spires of Bryce Canyon. Snowmobiling within the national park is not allowed. These trails allow riders access to miles of open play areas and ungroomed trails of the Paunsaugunt, known for large elk, deer and one place where you can see a large variety of evergreen trees.

East Fork Map Key
K. East Fork 8.2 Miles
L. Johnson Mill 10.5 Miles
N. Tropic Reservoir 4.8 Miles

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