Mirror Lake/North Slope/Mill Hollow Complex

Mirror Lake Complex Map (pdf, 731K)

Snowmobile Mirror Lake Mirror Lake, Mill Hollow and Strawberry snowmobile complex areas are interconnected and provide some of the finest snowmobiling opportunities in the state with over 250 miles of groomed trails traversing the high Uinta Mountains. Located within a one-hour drive of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front, these complexes can be accessed via eight major trailheads.

This combination of complexes is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most popular snowmobile areas in the state due to proximity to the Wasatch Front, diversity of groomed trails and open play areas, scenery and riding opportunities. Perhaps the most attractive feature of these complexes are the majestic mountain scenery. Adjacent peaks rise to 13,000 feet surrounded by thousands of acres of vast open space, typically snow covered November through May.

Mirror Lake Snowmobile Complex

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The Mirror Lake and Mill Hollow snowmobile complexes provide over 150 miles of groomed trails traversing the high Uinta Mountains. Located within a one-hour drive of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front, the Mirror Lake complex can be accessed via four major trailheads.

Mirror Lake Highway (A)
This easy, wide 35-mile trail climbs steadily to the 10,600 foot Bald Mountain overlook. Open play areas are limited, and off-trail riding should be limited to advanced snowmobile riders. Most of the available play areas are on frozen lakes and riders should exercise extreme caution. The trail is well groomed, but use and weather conditions may make the trail bumpy near the trailhead, smoothing as the trail climbs. This is a popular trail for skiers and mushers as well, and snowmobilers are encouraged to be courteous to all users.

Whitney (B)
The Whitney Trail is an easy-to-ride spur trail with numerous open play areas. The marked trail ends approximately 7.4 miles from the junction with the Mirror Lake Trail, and only those with extensive knowledge of the area should proceed further. There are extensive private property holdings in this area and snowmobilers should watch for signs. A warming hut is located at the Whitney Guard Station at the end of the trail.

Soapstone (C)
The Soapstone Trail begins near the Soapstone Gate (Milepost 14.5 on Highway 150) and climbs gradually to wide open play areas. Several switchbacks along the trail reward the rider with views and vistas of the upper Provo River Valley. Riders unfamiliar with the area should stay on the groomed trail or ride with an experienced trail guide. The southern portions of the Soapstone Trail connect with the Strawberry Snowmobile Complex.

Wolf Creek (D)
This well-groomed 10.2-mile trail spur provides access to the Mirror Lake and Mill Hollow snowmobile complexes from the Hanna Trailhead. A popular hill climbing area is located near Wolf Creek Pass. This trail is generally well shaded and holds snow well.


Nobletts (E)
This three-mile spur provides access to the Mirror Lake and Mill Hollow complexes from the Nobletts Trailhead. A large trailhead with restrooms makes this an attractive launching site for many riders. There are few play areas located along this trail, but wintering wildlife, including moose may be seen near the trailhead.

North Slope (H)
The North Slope Trail heads east from the Bear River Trailhead. This 45-mile trail is groomed by the U.S. Forest Service and connects with the Deadhorse Trail near Mountain View, Wyoming.

Mirror Lake Map Key
A. Mirror Lake 34.3 Miles
B. Whitney 7.4 Miles
C. Soapstone 22 Miles
D. Wolf Creek 10.2 Miles
E. Nobletts 2.9 Miles
H. North Slope 45 Miles

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