Made In Utah - St. George

These products and services have unique ties to Utah and have become iconic in their respective categories. While traveling in Utah we encourage you to seek out and try local products. They will add rich variety to your visit.

Chums Eyewear Retainers
Chums markets a variety of popular eye wear retainers and outdoor accessories. The products can be purchased online and from retailers everywhere. The company has its headquarters in Hurricane, Utah.

"Every cotton and rope retainer is home-grown in Hurricane, Utah � manufactured in the USA."

Bumbleberry Pie
The Bumbleberry Inn is located in Springdale, just outside Zion National Park. It offers a restaurant that is famous for its "bumbleberry pie." The restaurant carefully guards the recipe - the exact ingredients are never divulged to outsiders.

"According to Grandpa, bumbleberries are burple and binkel berries that grow on giggle bushes, so named because they giggle when the berries ripen and the bush begins to quake, and at the precise moment that they ripen, they giggle. If you were to eat a berry while it was giggling, you would spend the rest of your life giggling!"

Cafe Rio
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill opened in 1997 in St. George, Utah. Inspired by recipies of the Rio Grande area of Northern Mexico, Southern Texas and New Mexico. "We use only the freshest ingredients and every request is made-to-order." Location: 471 East St. George Blvd.

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