Pine Valley Mountains

The Pine Valley Mountains are the high, forested mountains located north of I-15 between St George and Cedar City. The highest point is Signal Peak, at 10,325 feet. The mountains offer great opportunity to hike, backpack, camp, fish, hunt and enjoy other outdoor sports.

The mountains are a lush green haven towering above the red rock desert. The high peaks are included in a federally protected wilderness area. A cluster of campgrounds can be found on the north side of the peaks, around the town of Pine Valley. A small reservoir in that area offers canoeing and fishing opportunities. Equestrian activities are very popular there.

Another popular campground is located on the south side of the mountains, above the town of Leeds.

The Santa Clara River comes out of the mountains from the Pine Valley area and Leeds Creek cascades down the south slope. Both streams provide good fishing opportunities, although both flow through canyons overgrown with brush.

In other areas, rough dirt roads probe the canyons and provide access to diverse parts of the forest.

These mountains are steep and rugged. Many spots can be visited only by hiking, backpacking or horse packing into the backcountry. Even with the population of St George booming, it is easy to find solitude in these mountains.

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