Utah Trails
Hovenweep Cajon Group
Length: .5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Cajon Group contains some of the most remarkable Anasazi ruins to be found in Hovenweep National Monument. The stone structures are situated around the head of a small canyon; archaeologists estimate some 80-100 ancient people lived here.

The remains of several large dwelling units can be found here, along with other rock structures. Under the ledge of one canyon wall are small cliff dwellings and pictographs painted in Mesa Verde pottery style, and remnants of a good-sized earthen dam built in the wash above the spring remain visible today. On the western slope of the canyon stands an exotic circular tower whose walls follow the undulations of three large boulders. The builders of this tower carefully fitted their masonry stones to the rocks to produce a round building on a remarkably uneven surface.

The Cajon Group is located about 8.5 miles southwest of the visitor center at Square Tower Ruin. It is just west of the Res Spur Road. You'll need a detailed map to find your way to this remote site, located on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Parking Area
From the parking area, walk west to the canyon rim and follow it north (up canyon) to the cluster of ruins. There are ruins on both sides of the canyon. If you ramble as you loop around the top of the canyon and then cut back to the parking area, you'll have gone about .5 miles.