Utah Trails
Ken Patrick Trail
Length: 10 Miles One Way
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This is one of the longer trails on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It runs from the North Kaibab Trail parking area to Point Imperial. It follows the rim and affords great views at multiple points. It is best done as a one-way hike, with a vehicle waiting to pick you up at the end. Strong hikers could go out and back - 20 miles total. You could also leave a mountain bike at one end, so you could ride back to your vehicle.

North Kaibab Trailhead
The North Kaibab Trailhead parking area is located along the main North Rim access road, just before the road plunges out onto the peninsula that constitutes Bright Angle Point. The trailhead is on the canyon rim. From there it cuts northeast into the forest, away from the rim.

Cape Royal Road
The Ken Patrick Trail intersects the Cape Royal Road, providing a alternate ending or starting point for a shorter hike. It then follows the canyon rim in a northeasterly direction to Point Imperial.

Point Imperial
Point Imperial is one of the most impressive viewpoints in Grand Canyon National Park. It is a photographer's delight, so bring your camera.