Utah Trails
Cape Royal Trail
Length: .6 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: Cape Royal is a long peninsula extending from the North Rim out over the Grand Canyon. It offers a phenomenal view, perhaps the most sweeping view of any Grand Canyon vista. You can see much of it from your vehicle, but the best views await those who take the short, easy stroll to the end of the cape.

Angels Window, a photogenic arch, can be seen from the viewpoint.

Parking Area
The trailhead parking area is located at the end of the paved Cape Royal Road, which circles northeast and then south from the main road leading to the North Rim visitors center and lodge.

Cape Royal Viewpoint
The trail heads south from the parking area to the viewpoint, following the peninsula as it narrows to a fine point. The trail is wide and obvious, and there is nowhere else to go without climbing down the canyon walls.