If prizes were given for statistics, Utah's population would have a lot of trophies. Utah's birth rate (21.7 births/1,000 population) is the highest in the nation, and its death rate (7.9 deaths/1,000 population) is the second lowest in the nation.Native American Dancer Utahns rank number three in the longest lifetime category at 77.7 years. The state's population is younger than the national average - 26.7 years compared to 35.5. Utahns have the largest average household size in the country (3.13 persons/household).

The young population is well educated; Utah has the highest literacy rate in the nation. Ninety-four percent of residents age 20 and over can read and write and 90.4 percent have graduated from high school and 28.7% have a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Utah's population in 2010 was 2,763,885 a 23.8% growth since 2000.

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