Wendover Community

The Wendover community includes two small towns: Wendover, Utah, and West Wendover, Nevada. They are contiguous - it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Most businesses are on the Nevada side of the border, to take advantage of Nevada gaming and liquor laws. Both communities offer services to residents and visitors.

Occasionally, lawmakers propose plans to combine the two towns, with the Utah community being annexed into Nevada. So far, those plans have not attracted enough support to pass.

The famous Boneville Speedway is located about 10 miles east of town. Wendover provides the only motels/hotels within an easy drive of the raceway.

Wendover City

Time Zone
Nevada is found in the Pacific Time Zone, but the Wendover area is officially included in the Mountain Time Zone. That's because Salt Lake is the closest major city, and the Wendover community has strong economic ties to Utah.

The closest major airport is Salt Lake International. Wendover has a historic airfield that is utilized for private aircraft and limited commercial flights. Allegiant Airlines provides flights between Wendover and various cities in the Western US. For more information call 866-FLY-WENDOVER.

Shuttle buses run between Salt Lake City and Wendover.

Many visitors rent cars in Salt Lake and drive to Wendover.

Wendover is on the Greyhound bus route.

Health Care & Other Services
West Wendover offers an excellent health center. The closest major hospital is in Salt Lake City.

Police and emergency services are available throughout the Wendover area. If you need help, the front desk at your hotel will help you connect with the appropriate authorities.

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