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Your local guide to Bryce Canyon National Park and surrounding areas.

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Come experience Bryce with private, customized tour!

Don't just visit Bryce Canyon County, experience it! Take the time to uncover its rich history and unique geology by exploring the trails, scenic byways, and breathtaking overlooks with the guidance of a knowledgeable local expert. Your private tour will be tailored to your schedule and hiking ability, available year-round from sunrise to sunset. The possibilities are limitless!

Meet your guide, April LeFevre, who resides in the peaceful valley below Bryce Canyon National Park. With years of experience showcasing the beauty of Bryce Canyon Country, it's no surprise that this area is her favorite place on earth. April possesses extensive knowledge of the region's history and is excited to share her expertise and enthusiasm with you and your group.

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  • Mossy Cave, Hwy12, Kodachrome State Park
  • Special arrangements are available upon request for Sunday tours

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"Perfect guide for families! April was the best part of our Bryce Canyon exploration! She was so knowledgeable and friendly. We did a 4 hour hike with her and it was absolutely worth it. I am so glad for her experience and information about the area. She was super helpful taking family pictures for us, recommended other sites to see, and gave us good restaurant tips. We loved her and would recommend her very highly!"

"April led our hike on the Peek-a-boo and Navajo trails. She is fantastic! She knows everything about the area, the trails, history, geology, local legends and more than happy to share! She also pointed out the best spots for taking pictures. We had an unforgettable day and not only because of the scenery. April made the difference and I can highly recommend joining her on any outing."

"April has an unmatched passion for Bryce Canyon that she loves to share with her clients. She is a lifelong resident of the area and knows and studies the history which she teaches as you hike. She showed us the incredible views, did some amazing trails and had a great time. There are plenty of guides who know the area or have learned it..She has lived it through 4 generations. Highly recommend her!"