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Four Corners Inn

2 Star Hotel

The perfect hub-and-spoke hotel for exploring Southeastern Utah.



There is so much to see in Southeastern Utah, but even the most ambitious explorers need a place to lay their weary heads/legs/feet.

Four Corners Inn has it all: Comfy rooms, a fantastic location, and a free breakfast.

Additional Information

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Monument Corner Map
Property Amenities
  • Free WiFi: checkmark
  • Gift Shop/Convenience Store: checkmark
  • Non-Smoking Rooms: checkmark
  • Parking: checkmark
  • Pet Friendly: checkmark
Hotel Rating
  • 2 Stars: checkmark
Popular Amenities
  • Breakfast Included: checkmark
  • Free Toiletries: checkmark
  • Hairdryer: checkmark
  • Kitchen Facilities: checkmark
  • Private Bathroom: checkmark
Property Type
  • Motel: checkmark
Room Amenities
  • Air Conditioning: checkmark
  • Bathtub & Shower: checkmark
  • Flat-Screen TV: checkmark
  • Private Bathroom: checkmark
  • All Year: checkmark
  • Autumn: checkmark
  • Spring: checkmark
  • Summer: checkmark
  • Winter: checkmark
Suitable For
  • Couples: checkmark
  • Families: checkmark
  • Friends: checkmark
  • Solo: checkmark


Four Corners Double Queen 1

Double Queen

Four Corners Efficiency 3

Efficiency Apartment

Four Corners Efficiency 2

Efficiency Apartment

Four Corners Efficiency 1

Efficiency Apartment

Four Corners Triple Queen 2

Triple Queen

Four Corners Triple Queen 1

Triple Queen

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Nearby Attractions
Closest National/State Park
Four Corners
Monument Valley
Valley of the Gods
Patio Diner
map pin 131 East Center
Blanding, UT 84511 See Map
Monument Corner Map