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Mount Olympus Trail



Mount Olympus is a 9,026 feet peak on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. Views from the summit will drop your jaw, and fill up your Instagram feed. The top of the mountain is a federally protected wilderness area prettier than your backyard (sorry), and worth every tax-payer dollar.

Wasatch Front - Salt Lake Map
Hiking Trails
Tour Area
  • Mount Olympus Wilderness: checkmark
To Do
  • Hiking: checkmark
Trail Features
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance (km): 10.01
  • Distance (mi.): 6.3
  • Elevation at Trailhead: 4852 ft.
  • Elevation Gain (+): 4130 ft.
  • Elevation Loss (-): 4127 ft.
  • Maximum Elevation: 8964 ft.
  • Minimum Elevation: 4834 ft.
  • Parking Type: Parking Lot
  • Route Type: Out & Back
  • Trail Traffic: Heavy
Trail Length
  • 6 - 10 Miles: checkmark

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Wasatch Front - Salt Lake Map