12 Incredible Photos taken in Utah during Summer

12 Incredible Photos taken in Utah during Summer

July 15, 2022

We all know Utah is home to some of the most surreal landscapes on Earth — from imposing hoodoo collections to antelope islands full of bison. But in summertime, when road trips are more frequent and sunsets more fiery, opportunities for breathtaking photos are everywhere.

Below is a sample platter of summer stunners, all kindly provided by some gifted photogs. Make sure to use #youtah on the IG for a chance to be featured in our next photo roundup.

BaseCamp37 / IG: @basecamp37

Location:  Vernal, Utah

This landscape invites you to connect with its unusual terrain, making you feel as though you are on another planet entirely. When really, you are firmly planted on earth, having found a place so unique that it makes you feel alive while tugging at every string of curiosity in your mind.

These hoodoos are some of our favorites. The “cap” is 100 million-year-old Dakota Sandstone that once was a beach along an ancient seaway. The “post” is 160 million-year-old Entrada Sandstone dating back to the Jurassic era.

Nghi Ha / IG: @nbhaphotography

Location: Canyonlands National Park

Mesa Arch at sunrise! One of the most beautiful location to catch a sunrise. Definitely worth the 4AM hike in the dark to get here. Have to fight the crowd for this iconic shot! Starburst from the sun is key! Lighting and tone completes the composition.

Nathan Guymon / IG: @the_nater_greater

Location: Angels Landing Trail, Zion National Park

That Hiking Feeling

This photo was taken on the way up to Angels Landing with a group of my good friends. I wanted to capture the pure joy of hiking and that the trail is about the route and not just the destination. To me, hiking offers a needed change in pace from the rush of life.

Luis Alberto Lugo / IG: @albertus.lugo

Location: Salt Lake City and County Building

Julio Castro Pardo / IG: @juliocastropardo

Location: Goblin Valley State Park

La noche de los Goblins Localizacion

The Night of the Goblins

i.am.hikebyme / IG: @i.am.hikebyme

Location: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Red skies at night. Alligator Rock.

Darlene Smith / IG: @darlenesmithphotography

Location: Utah

From every mountainside, let freedom ring! Happy 4th America!!

Philip Jaw / IG: @lipjawphotos

Location: Kanarraville Falls, Kanarra Creek Trail

Kanarraville Falls Ladder

I had the pleasure of visiting Kanarraville Falls in July and once my parents and brother saw the photos from that trip, they made me promise to take them the next time I returned. That opportunity came about in August when this photo was taken and I really wanted to capture this area in a different perspective since it was my second time out and thought to zoom in on the ladder and captured this shot.

Rob Phillips / @@rob.phillips.photography

Location: Green River, Utah

The green river living up to its name

Atoka & Co. / @atoka_vanlife

Location: Moab, Utah

We finally leave towards what we think of being the Fisher Towers trail...

We usually always take a photo of the trail to make sure that we are on the right way but this time we forgot. Too excited! And of course we don’t have it when we actually need it.

Hum ok we see traces here but it seems to me that we are going on the opposite way of the towers... strange... Then after a while we finally see other people. Great! And we arrive at a junction with a sign saying ‘Parking lot few meters on the left. We look up and see stairs... which leads to the point of departure. 😂

We clearly missed it and got lost ending up doing a big detour of 30min! Lol

Well at least we found the main path. We finally walk around these enormous red stone towers. Amazing amazing views!! Stunning!

Melody Forsyth / @downwithadventure

Location: Albion Basin Trail, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Down With the Wildflowers

Even though Ruby has Down syndrome, she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying the beauty in her backyard. She loves hiking and enjoyed a morning hiking among the wildflowers and touching them. Utah has the best adventures!

Amanda Lewis / @aelewi

Location: Zion National Park

Storm rolling in on Zion.