Utah Scenic Drives & Byways

The beaten path. It gets you there. But for those to whom the reward is in the journey, there are paths less trodden. Panoramas reserved for the adventurous, worlds away from the mainstream.

Utah offers a unique combination of these recreational adventures, cultural attractions and, most of all, widely varied landscapes. The state's wild beauty ranges from rugged mountains and forests in northern Utah and the stark vistas of the Great Salt Lake Desert to the dramatic sprawl of southern Utah's red rock canyons.

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The best way to fully experience the state of Utah is to get off the interstate highways and explore the myriad of excellent primary and secondary roads. Utah's scenic byways are a system of routes statewide that offer outstanding beauty. These scenic byways are all major roads, which are regularly traveled. Some routes feature sharp curves and steep grades. Actual travel speeds are generally less than the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit. As with all motor vehicle travel, personal discretion is the key to a safe driving experience.

On Utah roads, all byways are clearly designated with colorful highway signs. For your reference, the byways are also indicated with dotted lines on the official Utah highway map. The mileages and times described are one way.

As you travel through Utah, you'll be astounded at the vast expanses of untouched scenic panoramas. Please help us preserve the fragile beauty of this pristine land. Drive carefully, explore thoughtfully and take nothing but photographs and memories.

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