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Glamping, short for glamorous camping, is one of the hottest trends in experiential travel. It's a way to explore the great outdoors without the inconveniences of traditional camping. Think king-sized beds and Egyptian cotton sheets instead of a foam pad and sleeping bag. Think gourmet cuisine instead of burnt hot dogs. Utah glamping is growing as more properties are providing guests with a more immersive way to experience the spectacular scenery and world-famous rock formations that define this state. There are a handful of properties that currently offer glamping in Utah:

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Zion Ponderosa Pool
Zion Ponderosa Ranch provides 4,000 acres of beautiful resort property accompanied by the spectacula...

OsoBlu Luxury Yurts

Wasatch North
Luxury accommodations with spectacular panoramic views of Bear Lake!
Enjoy the simple lifestyle with luxury built right in.
View of the Grand Canyon

Bar 10 Ranch

Red Rock
The Grand Canyon is the home of the Bar 10 Ranch. Located on the north rim of the canyon.
Located in Huntington, Utah, between the Manti La Sal Mountain Range and the San Rafael Swell.
Find the perfect RV rental in Utah. Simple, easy and fully insured.
Under Canvas Lake Powell
Under Canvas®Lake Powell - Grand Staircase provides upscale tents, offering guests the opportunity t...

Escalante Escapes

Utah's Outback
Luxury tiny homes with majestic scenic views in Escalante.
Explore Utah's stunning red-rock landscape from AutoCamp Zion, only 20 minutes from the Zion Nationa...
Tucked away between nature and serenity, your desert escape for relaxation and adventure awaits.
Indulge in magnificent nature without sacrificing luxurious comfort.
A luxury glamping resort nestled against the stunning surroundings of Zion National Park.
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