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Utah’s OHV scene is OTH.

Side-by-sides, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs. With so many different off-highway vehicles to choose from, you’re certain to enjoy riding the more than 80,000 miles of public OHV trails in Utah. The terrain varies from sandy slopes that shift more than a racecar driver to graded gravel roads flatter than Stanley and slickrock ascents steeper than recent housing prices. Wherever you plan to ride, check with the land manager beforehand for current closures/restrictions and make sure you have the proper permits.

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Where to Get Utah OHV Permits 

Utah residents must register their OHVs through the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, then display the registration sticker on the designated part of the vehicle. New registration requires proof of ownership and the county tax certificate for the vehicle. Renewals also require the current registration card. This card should be carried with riders anytime they are riding on OHV trails in Utah.

Non-residents don’t have to register their OHVs in Utah, but they do need OHV permits. You can order Utah Non-Resident OHV permits online. You will need both proof of ownership and proof of residency to obtain permits, which are valid for one year. Proceeds from non-resident permits go directly to trail upkeep so you can come back again and again, taking your off-road relationship to the next level each time. 

Regardless of where you live, youth without a valid driver’s license are required by law to complete an online safety course that covers machine sizing, weight distribution, proper handling, shifting, etc. A similar course is required for young snowmobilers. After passing, a printable operator license can be used until the permanent license is received in the mail. Utah OHV laws do not specify a minimum age to operate an OHV on public land, but minors should be under direct adult supervision at all times. 

Utah also has education requirements in place for adults. Those 18 or older must complete an online course to obtain a certificate.


As the Utah OHV scene grows, so does the need to show more love for the land — especially the super sensitive stuff. Cryptobiotic soils. Nesting areas. Historical sites. You get the idea. Don’t venture outside of designated areas. Drive over obstacles rather than going around them to prevent trail widening, and only cross streams at designated fording points. Leave gates as you find them. And wash your OHV before heading home to reduce the spread of invasive species. There are enough pests in the ‘burbs already.

Show affection for the people and animals in the area as well. Revving your ride unnecessarily will send the squirrels scurrying and make the meese mad. Not to mention the parents who are trying to enjoy a quiet moment by a gurgling stream while their kid takes a much needed nap. Keep a trash bag easily accessible to dispose of your own waste and pick up any litter you may come across. You know the mantra: Leave it better than you found it. Thanks. Now get out there and enjoy the ride!

OHV Trails in Utah
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