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Utah offers an amazing variety of interesting people to visit, places to see and things to do. Venture to Brigham City and soak in pools full of naturally hot mineral water, or ride the Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort, sweeping 3,000 feet down the mountainside. Visitors to Utah are never at a loss for fun and adventure.

Feeling bored? Quit clowning around and go have some funfair. 

That’s probably the easiest homework assignment you’ve ever had since Utah is a theme park in its own right. You’ll find funhouses, fairgrounds and ferris wheels. You’ll get butterflies on halfpipe waterslides and 100-year-old wooden rides. You’ll lose yourself in immersive worlds with medieval jaunts or goblins, ghouls and haunts.

So step right up, ladies and gents, as we take a peek inside Utah’s best amusement parks.  

Lagoon Amusement Park

Weeee! You’ll be pulling a Sir Isaac Newton when you realize the height of some of Lagoon’s rides. “What goes up, must come down!” You’ll be free fallin’ over 200 feet with rides like Cannibal or the Catapult. Gravity, amirite?   

During spooky season, Lagoon goes all out with Frightmares. Costumed actors and real zombies roam the park trying to scare patrons. You can enjoy haunted rides, houses, mazes and other macabre entertainment.

Between seasonal seances and corkscrew steel coasters, Lagoon really shows you what fun is.

Splash Zones

Sometimes Utah gets hotter than dat asphalt in July, which is basically hotter than H.E. double hockey sticks. You won’t fry your biscuits too much, though, because Utah has plenty of water parks to the rescue. 

Cool off at places like Cowabunga Water Park, Cherry Hill Water Park and Splash Summit. Race down one of the park's multi-person slides. Or how ‘bout spiral down an 800-foot, twisty-turny, topsy-turvy tube? Or catch some air on a speed slide. Just don’t lose your shorts on the way down! 

If you don’t like waterslides, be like Ken. Lounge by the waves (pool) and just … beach.  

There’s also Crystal Hot Springs. You can access this attraction year-round, where you can just chill in the hot and cold springs of nature’s au naturel water park. There are two water slides that are heated by the springs during winter, too! 

Themes and Screams

Ever wanted to go to a renaissance faire, but ‘tis not the season? Well nevermore, nevermore, not when you visit Evermore! Dress up, role play in the battle arena, solve riddles and explore the different lore areas across the park.

BOO! Scared ya, didn’t we? No? Well … that’s what Utah’s spookiest theme parks are for. Visit Fear Factory or Nightmare on 13th, top haunts in the nation and world! They’re so scary, you might even see a real ghost. Aaaah!  

If you still want to scream at an attraction, but not necessarily “Oh crap!” yourself, you can ride down the Alpine Slide in Park City. You get to zip down a gorgeous mountainside in one of the longest mountain slides in the world.  

And let us not forget that the entirety of Utah is its own Jurassic Park. Visit the Natural History Museum where you can see an Allosaurus bone that was fossilized with a geode inside, Eccles Dinosaur Park has lifesize replicas and Thanksgiving Point is the world’s largest dino museum. There’s also Dinosaur National Monument and many other locations across the state to go see fossils. 

Like we said, Utah is like a theme park all on its own. You just have to know where to find it. 

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