From skiing to Sundance, winter in Utah brings a whole different world of recreation and fun. Likewise, in the photography world, the snowy season offers a slew of new opportunities. The layers of snow and ice that coat our mountains, lakes and red rocks shape brand-new landscapes — even our most iconic landmarks look like distant relatives of what they were just a few months ago.

Due the inclement weather and increased difficulty of access to places, winter photography is very challenging. The results, however, can be well worth the efforts. Below we pay tribute to some of the photogs who have best captured the essence of this unique season. Don’t forget to follow hashtag your Utah photos #youtah on IG to get a chance to be featured in our next photo article. Enjoy!

1. Dawn

The location: Mt. Timpanogos

The photographer: Derek Herndon

Photo credit: Derek Herndon

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The story: Single-digit temperatures can make sunrise a challenge in the winter, but snowy peaks and painted skies are well worth the effort. The versatility of any Utah landscape will leave you with a new perspective each time you visit.


2. Giddy

The location: Ashdown Gorge Wilderness (part of the Dixie National Forest, near Cedar Breaks National Monument)

The photographer: Andrew Baruffi

Photo credit: Andrew Baruffi

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The story: Heading down Cedar Canyon in Southwest Utah, I stumbled upon this scene of fast-moving low clouds heading south across the Cedar Breaks area towards the backside of Zion. The day was crystal clear, but this rare sight of conditions spawned from what I can only assume was the blistering cold of the winter day. The setting sun casted this gorgeous golden light on the moving cloud, completing a beautiful moment in nature.


3. Looking Back at Mount Olympus

The location: Lake Blanche trail, Big Cottonwood Canyon

The photographer: Jill Wilkins

Photo credit: Jill Wilkins

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4. Ice Castles

The location: Ice Castles, Midway UT

The photographer: Darlene Smith

Photo credit: Darlene Smith

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The story: I always enjoy visiting the Ice Castles in the winter. On this evening, a beautiful sunset lit up the sky and made it absolutely magical.


5. Migratory Birds in the Sublime Utah Landscape

The location: The Great Salt Lake

The photographer: Nitish Meena

Photo credit: Nitish Meena

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The story: Utah is one of the most enchanting and unique states in America. Every direction offers something different, with each succeeding view seeming more beautiful than the last.


6. Courts of the Patriarchs

The location: Zion National Park

The photographer: George Kalantzes

Photo credit: George Kalantzes

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The story: This image was made in January 2019 and was taken at sunrise on the bank of the Virgin River in the Court of the Patriarchs at Zion National Park. I'd been waiting a couple of years to get a nice blanket of snow on the ground in the Park — this morning definitely didn't disappoint! It was one of the most beautiful mornings I've experienced in Zion and one that keeps me motivated to get in the park more often to shoot images like this one.


7. Freezing Falls

The location: Donut Falls

The photographer: Steve Rondina

Photo credit: Steve Rondina

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The story: A relatively short, snow-packed hike leads up into this frozen and cramped cave. The views all along the way are stunning, but the cave is where the real magic is. Just don't stand up too tall when you're there.


8.Storm Rolling Over Mount Olympus

The location: Salt Lake City

The photographer: David Hert

Photo credit: David Hert

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The story: While driving around the Salt Lake valley, I noticed a large storm developing over Mount Olympus and the Wasatch mountains. I luckily happened to have my camera with me and pulled over. I was able to capture 10 separate pics and then combined them into one large panoramic image.


9. Bonneville Salt Flats

The location: Bonneville Salt Flats

The photographer: Tyler Wood

Photo credit: Tyler Wood

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The story: If you think you can pass up visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats, think again. Approximately two hours from Salt Lake City and only a few miles from Nevada, the summer playground for fast cars must be seen in person by the whole family to truly enjoy its beauty and wonder.


10. Magic at Lincoln Point

The location: Lincoln Point, Utah Lake

The photographer: Daniel Swain

Photo credit: Daniel Swain

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The story: Lincoln Point may be out of the way compared to many other spots around the lake, but you won't find a better place to watch a Utah Lake sunset. It is notable for its cobblestone-like rocky beach and unobstructed views of the Wasatch Mountains.


11. Commute Escape

The location: Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork

The photographer: Emma Guapo

Photo credit: Emma Guapo

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The story: On a Tuesday morning in February, traffic was heavy so I decided to come into work a couple of hours late and drive to the American Fork Canyon to take some landscape photos. I encountered a beautiful frozen and snow-covered reservoir and a sense of solitude that was much needed.


12. This Side Up

The location: Uinta Mountains

The photographer: DJ Evans

Photo credit: DJ Evans

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The story: When you ask most people to jump over a closed highway they've never been to before, the answer most likely will be "no". But when you've got great friends who are talented athletes, the greatest snow on earth, and amazing Utah views, it's nearly impossible not to say "yes."


13. A Ghost Town Sunset and Ghostly Skies

The location: An old trestle in Latuda, Utah

The photographer: Tyson Chappell

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The story: This image is a 140-second single exposure captured at sunset in the ghost town of Latuda, near Helper, Utah (7 miles north of Price). The image was captured using neutral density filters — which greatly reduce the light striking the sensor and facilitate such a long exposure in the day time. The clouds are seen as ghostly streaks as they moved quickly through the sky during the exposure.