3 Southcentral Sites that Kanab-Solutely Blow Your Mind

3 Southcentral Sites that Kanab-Solutely Blow Your Mind

By Chad Taylor & Jake Wilhelmsen
August 29, 2017

The folks in Kanab have been enjoying tours to these gems for, you know, ever.

There are a million things to do near Kanab — five national parks/monuments/recreation areas, two national forests, three state parks, etc. — but it’s managed to stay a little bit of a local secret. Here are three sites you should definitely check out before you try to tackle the other 999,997.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Okay, so you’ve always wanted to hike a slot canyon but you think it might be too extreme. Or maybe you think you’ll get stuck. The great thing about Peekaboo is that it’s like a slot jr. –– perfect for beginners of all ages. Your guide can deliver you right to the trailhead of an easy out-and-back 0.7-mile hike.

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The Wave

Say hello (or cheese?) to one of the most sought-after Instagram photo ops. Everyone wants a photo of The Wave in their feed, and why not? This place is like a sandstone hurricane, freeze-framed. It has become popular to a fault. The BLM now limits foot traffic to no more than 20 people per day, so opportunities are limited. Get with our friends from Forever Adventure Tours who can help you with the permit process and deliver you safely to shore.

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White Pocket

This might sound like heresy but if you can’t get into The Wave, White Pockets is 95% as cool. Mind-blowing geology with fewer people and no required permit. White Pocket is located within Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, so you can roam freely. Since access is limited to ATVs or high clearance 4WD vehicles (you can’t get there in your Corolla), sign up for a guided tour to make sure you get in and get out appropriately.

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