3 Unorthodox River Trips by Devout Guides

3 Unorthodox River Trips by Devout Guides

By Chad Taylor
May 11, 2018

With a PH.D., on a stand-up paddleboard, as part of a yoga retreat, with an accompanying band. Just some of the ways the folks at Adrift Dinosaur can get you down some of Utah’s best rivers.

Adrift Dinosaur is anything but ordinary. There’s nothing wrong with a straight-up whitewater river rafting trip –– and these guys are amazing at guiding those. But they’ve disrupted the traditional guided rafting industry with some amazing alternative trips. Here are the three we’re dying (bad word choice?) to try.

Yampa and Yoga (5 days)

The Yampa River might be the most underrated rafting river in Utah. The Colorado and Green get a lot of love (rightfully so) but the wild and undamned Yampa features some incredible rapids and scenery. Adrift Dinosaur has partnered with Peak Yoga to concoct a trip that has just the right balance of exhilaration and relaxation. Expert yogis Pinna Gallant and Morgan Schmidt will conduct yoga sessions that were designed for this environment –– much better than what you’d get at your neighborhood Planet Fitness. Adrift’s veteran guides will lead river adventures via rafts, inflatable kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. If you’re the hungry, but health-conscious type, the meals provided will be deliciously organic with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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Bluegrass on the Green River (4 days)

We’re fairly certain you’ve never heard of a river trip like this...because it comes with a bluegrass band – The Lonesome Days. It’s like jazzercising to 80s music, or Zumba-ing to salsa music. You’ll raft, SUP, or kayak better to the tunes of this award-winning group. The Green’s class III rapids are perfect for beginners, but challenging enough to entertain intermediate river travelers. And the food, music and expert knowledge of the surrounding environment make this trip worthy of consideration for your summer plans.

What’s even cooler? A portion of your trip fee will be donated to the Range of Motion Project (ROMP). This non-profit organization provides prosthetic and orthotic care for amputees without access.

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Floating for Foodies (4 days)

You remember the days of camping as a kid? Then you may remember those foil dinners mom used to pack for you. You know what we’re talking about: hamburger patty, onions, carrots and potatoes wrapped up in foil so all you had to do was stick it by the fire for a while, unwrap and chow. The cuisine on this trip is the antithesis of the foil dinner. Chef Kelly Liken is a former Bravo Top Chef contestant and James Beard nominee –– and now a guest chef on this unique Green River rafting trip. Yes, a river rafting trip with a guest chef. Imaginative bunch, these Adrift folks.

This culinary exploration will focus on the history, geology and flora of the Green River and Chef Kelly will source the freshest ingredients that can be found. The result? Palate satiating dinners.

Oh, and the rafting will be amazing too. SUPs, rafts and kayaks will be available to help you navigate the Green’s rapids.

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