5 Reasons You Should Take a Guided ATV Tour

5 Reasons You Should Take a Guided ATV Tour

By Mo Edwards
November 15, 2021

Kanab Tour Company gives us their professional opinion on why a guided tour is better than going it alone.

Ever looked out the car window at the red rock mesas going by and thought “I sure would like to drive over that Hogsback but I don’t think my Hyundai Sonata would make it.” Well — you’re right! But do you know what would? An all-terrain vehicle. And do you know who could guide you? Kanab Tour Company. It has a five-star rating on Tripadvisor with hundreds of reviews singing the praises of knowledgeable and experienced guides. There are amazing things to see back there like hidden arches, slot canyons, and national monuments, but leave the Kanab trail wayfinding to the pros. Here are five reasons why you should hire an ATV tour guide on your next vacay.

You Are New to ATVing

Ever been to the remote outback of Kanab, Utah before? Didn't think so. It's a big place and very easy to take a wrong turn down a dirt road to Nowhereville, Arizona (ew). Instead of worrying about getting lost in 1.9 million acres of public land in a machine, you don’t know much about, let a guide watch the GPS and the gas tank. Experienced guides can take you on the right trails — no wrong turns, no time wasted. For newbies we recommend: Peekaboo Slot Canyon ATV Tour Looking for a Kanab slot canyon, but not the super-famous crowded one? Try the Peekaboo Slot Canyon ATV tour. It’s the less popular fraternal twin of Antelope Slot Canyon. This 3-hour ATV ride through floaty sand will take you to the start of Peekaboo slot canyon. Hike through the coral-pink sandstone for the best photo ops.

You Want to Do Something Exciting — Safely

The thrill of rock crawling up a sandstone staircase is fun unless it’s terrifying and makes you want to barf. A guide can show you the trails that get the adrenaline flowing without making you sick to your stomach. You’ll get the magic without the panic, the thrills without the chills, the spooks without the pukes. A guide always has your safety in mind so you can focus on fun.

Thrillseekers should try: Hog Canyon ATV Tour

How about a mix of rock crawling, sandy hills, and twisty turns? The Hog Canyon ATV tour is perfect for folks who want an adrenaline buzz. Drive up and over the cliffs around Kanab and get a view of the striated Vermilion plateau.

You Want to Get Away From It All

ATVs are made for going out there — way, way out there. For those of us who need a break from the crowds of national parks, ATV trails are a road to Nowhereville (yay!). Guides can show you the quiet and the extraordinary places that are seldom seen and rarely visited.


Drive 4.5 hours through rocky and sandy terrain to Inchworm Arch through the Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument. Stop at overlooks to see its weird and wonderful geologic formations along the way.

You Want to Learn Something New

You could do a bunch of research on the geology, history, and ecology of your vacation destination, or you can outsource that research to a guide. They know the stories of the trail that no blogger has ever blogged. Learning about the Utah desert while you are in the middle of it beats looking at your screensaver of The Wave any day.Philomaths should research: White Pocket ATV Tour and Coyote Buttes ATV Tour

The bizzaro swirls of sandstone at White Pocket are fascinating. Similar to The Wave, White Pocket is as remote as it is geologically unique. Learn about the Jurassic era while you ATV over sand dunes and winding trails. Grab a Coyote Buttes permit and add that to your White Pocket tour for a whole day of educational play.

You Want an Adventure With Your Family

The more the merrier! ATVing is a social activity that humans of most ages* can enjoy. Bring the family in a four-seater or your partner in a two-seater. And then, don’t worry about being in charge. Hand the wheel of this family adventure over to your ATV guide and enjoy the ride like one of your kids. * Note that rides are not recommended for humans younger than five.

Party people should check out:

Any of the tours above, or Kanab Tour Company’s other Kanab tours like canyoneering and national park tours. There are so many things to do in Kanab! Get the most out of your visit by hiring a guide who knows the trails like a local.