Person Camping looking at mountains - Person Camping looking at mountains

A Beginner’s Guide to Camping Gear

You’re gonna need more than s’mores! Get the basics before sleeping outdoors.

By Karli Davis
June 11, 2024

You know who the happiest campers are? The ones that didn’t forget any camping gear. Because sleeping in the woods is only fun if you have a flashlight to keep an eye on rustling in the trees after the sun goes down. Use this guide from KSL Classifieds to make sure you’ve got the essentials ready to go for your upcoming camping adventures.


Get the right camping tent for your needs. Choose from itty bitty to big and gritty. Pop-up tents are great for quick setups or extra shade. Lightweight backpacking tents work best for hiking to your campsite and only a few sleepers per tent. If you want to be kept safe from critters and damp or uneven ground, get a rooftop tent or truck bed tent camper.

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Get a tent large enough for the whole crew.

Camping bed

Treat yourself like the prince or princess you are and invest in a cozy camp bed. Because one of life’s greatest treasures is waking up to a mountain or desert sunrise after a great night's sleep.  Whether your tent is on or off the ground, get an inflatable or foam sleeping pad and fall asleep to the sounds of nature. 

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Air mattresses need to be inflated with an air pump, but just make the kids do it.

Air pump

If you opted for an inflatable camping bed, you’ll need an air mattress pump. But even if you only have a foam pad, an air pump is still a good investment. Use one to inflate inner tubes or other water toys if you’re camping by a lake. 

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Sleeping bags

What good is a camp bed if you’re not snug as a bug in a rug? Both adult and kids’ sleeping bags need to be rated for the right temperature and elements. If it’s hot during the day, Utah temperatures can still plummet fast as soon as the sun sets. So brrr-ing sleeping bags for everyone and maybe an extra one just in case. 

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Who needs to get out of the tent with a sleeping bag this cozy?

Camp chairs

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If it fits, I sits?” After a long day of playing outdoors, don’t settle for sitting on any ol’ rock or stump. Get the best camping chairs you can find and be ready for the comfiest hot dog grilling session ever. Tip: folding camping chairs are easy to break down and stack on top of other camping gear in the trunk. 

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Whoever roasts the best mallow gets dibs on the biggest camp chair!

Camping stove

Sleeping outside doesn’t mean you won’t be well fed. Invest in a grill and refillable propane camping stove so you can roast some veggies, make mashed potatoes or any other comfort foods your heart desires. 

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Portable propane camping stoves are great for making breakfast in the backcountry.


While we love the lack of light pollution while camping, moonlight usually won’t be enough to navigate nature at night. Instead, let there be (just enough) light! Get rechargeable flashlights or headlamps so you don’t need to keep buying batteries. Or get camping lanterns for ambient light around your campground.

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Find any other camping gear or equipment you'll need for your next trip on KSL Classifieds. Browse our Resources page for other helpful vacation tips.