A Benny Saved is a Benny Earned

A Benny Saved is a Benny Earned

By Melinda Rhodes
June 07, 2021

Use the Utah Valley Savings Passport to get $100 worth of discounts (or more!) in a single weekend.

There’s a reason why Utah County is colloquially known as Happy Valley. It’s impossible to be bored in this dynamic region. Just beyond the historic neighborhoods and new developments you’ll find an array of natural amenities — from hot springs and waterfalls to lakes and caves — accessible via hiking and biking trails. But there are as many things to do in the municipalities as there are in the mountains. Wander through a rare book shop. Catch a stand-up comedy show. Go to a museum. Eat a mille feuille from a French bakery. Ooof. Sounds expensive to do all those things, right? Not if you’re a savvy spender armed with discounts on the Utah Valley Savings Passport. Use it to put a skip in your step and more coins in the change pocket of your distressed designer jeans. Then take that money to the bank immediately so you don’t prolong the coin shortage. Or go buy yourself a cow and name it Mooooolah. Whatever. You do you.

The Cheap Runs Deep

The Savings Passport is free and gives you around 65 different discounts and freebies at 45 local Utah shops, including unique restaurants, stores and experiences that can only be found in Utah County. Though many of the businesses are located in Provo, the Savings Passport also includes discounts in the ‘burbs. Shop local Utah County businesses in Pleasant Grove, Orem, Lehi, Spanish Fork and Springville, too.It doesn’t matter if you’re a lived-here-all-my-lifer, a never-been-here-before-tourist, a try-everything-oncer or a thrift-thriving-college-student — the Utah Valley Savings Passport is for everyone! It has deals on gear rentals, hotel stays, activities and eateries. Play outside. Soothe your tired feet with a fish pedicure. Indulge your taste buds. Sleep. Repeat.The discounts add up quickly. For instance, a crew of four can easily save more than $100 on a microcation. Spend two nights in a hotel for $20 off the standard rate and you’ve already saved $40. (Oh, and BTW, that comes with free breakfast. Cha-ching!) Take advantage of the “buy one, get one” canoe rental included with the Savings Passport and there’s another $20-$40 in your back pocket, depending on whether you’re rowing solo or working together. You can also score a free pizza valued at $13 using another BOGO discount. After dinner, create your own dessert at a chocolate-making workshop where your party of four gets a percentage discount worth $6.40 or more. And that’s only the beginning of the Benjamins you can save.

Redemption Is Yours

Spent too much on those aforementioned distressed jeans? That’s OK. Start using the free Utah Valley Savings Passport and you’ll be back on budget in no time. There’s no card to carry or app to download. Simply sign up and your savings are instantly delivered via text or email. The best part? Discounts and deals are always changing. Once you’ve signed up, you’re able to automatically redeem ongoing offers as well as new ones. Cha-ching me up →