Cache Valley Foodie Trek and Signature Products Tour

Cache Valley Foodie Trek and Signature Products Tour

By Julie Hollist - Director of Cache Valley Tourism
July 08, 2019

Grab your cooler and head to Logan for a taste of some of Utah’s most famous food products. The Cache Valley Foodie Trek and Signature Products Tour Around Logan, features 17 culinary stops and three additional nationally renowned businesses. You can tour at your own pace, and as your appetite allows. Maybe you want to spend a month, devoting a full day to experiencing each spot. Or maybe you want to careen through them all in a single bacchanalian day that ends with you in the E.R. getting jalapeno cheese curds pumped out of your stomach. It’s your choice!

Cache Valley CHEESE

Gossner Foods

Logan has happy cows. They must be, considering Gossner Foods uses 200,000 gallons of milk from 160 ranches in Utah and southern Idaho every day. They’re one of the largest producers of Swiss cheese in the nation, cranking out 60 million pounds every year. Stop in their shop for all types of cheese, but make sure you don’t forget the squeaky cheese (aka cheese curds). And yes, it really does squeak when you chew it. Pick up boxed milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated in flavors like classic chocolate and exotics like mango, root beer float, orange cream, strawberry, banana and more. Insider tip: They make more varieties of squeaky cheese on Fridays, which may include ranch, jalapeno, jerky, Baja salsa.

Rockhill Creamery

Visit the farmstead from June to October for homemade artisan cheese. Look around the impressive old granary Jennifer and Pete have converted into their cheese shop and learn about the craft of cheese making. Say hello to their Brown Swiss cows and peek inside their underground aging room where wheels of feta, Edam and gouda cheese ripen to perfection. Other times of the year you can find their cheese at local grocery stores and Gossner Foods.

True Blue Aggie Cheese

Hand-crafted cheeses reflect local heritage and scenic beauty with varieties like Old Juniper Aged Cheddar, Old Ephraim Smoky Swiss, Aggiano Aged Parmesan, and Crimson Trail Jalapeno Cheddar.


Aggie Ice Cream

Utah State University has been perfecting the art of making dairy products since the agricultural college was founded in 1888. Tempt your taste buds with 30 flavors of ice cream made from the milk produced by the university’s own dairy herd. (How many cows are in your alma mater’s herd?!) Life isn’t complete without Aggie Bull Tracks — chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and caramel swirls.

Casper’s Ice Cream

Casper Merrill invented his signature giant square Fat Boy ice cream sandwich back in 1925. The frozen treat is now available in a variety of flavors. Casper’s is also famous for its Nut Sundae on a Stick featuring different flavors of ice cream enrobed in a crispy chocolate peanut coating. (You’ll enjoy the disrobing so much you might write a psalm about it, you dirty Davids of old.) You can purchase their products at most major grocery stores nationwide. Dive into an old-fashioned sundae, milkshake, malt, banana split or a scoop of one of their fabulous flavors of ice cream at their shop.

Charlie’s Supreme Ice Cream

Hand-dipped locally made ice cream and malts. It’s probably best to try Charlie’s, Casper’s and Aggie Ice Cream all in the same day for an accurate comparison. And then again the next day in reverse order.

Heart to Heart Foods

Heart to Heart specializes in Premium brand ice cream bars on a stick — the original Creamies — and ice cream.


Cox Honeyland

Utah is the Beehive State and honey is a great result. The Cox family has been gathering honey and creating gourmet honey products for four generations in Logan Utah. Head to Honeyland for honey-flavored popcorn, flavored whipped honey, even luscious fudge. Check out their working observation hive and you can bring your own containers to fill with liquid gold.

Slide Ridge Honey

Slide Ridge Honey is also a family-owned business and their high-altitude gourmet honey is produced by their own honeybees in northern Utah. The amazing variety of texture, color and delightful flavors found in their honey are a product of the altitude, flora, healthy bees and Mother Nature. They also make wine and vinegar from their raw honey.


Lower Foods

Stop by for discounted sliced sandwich meats including French dip, prime rib, barbecue beef, pastrami, corned beef, turkey and beef jerky. Their products are packaged under different brand names and sold in grocery stores across the country.


Caffe Ibis

Caffe Ibis is an internationally renowned coffee house that focuses on triple-certified, organic, fair-trade and Smithsonian shade-grown bird-friendly coffees (phew! There are lots of wrong ways to do coffee!) sourced from around the world. Their hand-selected coffees are locally roasted to present the finest possible cup quality and the best possible scenario for a socially and environmentally sustainable future. They have been recognized in the New Yorker and Newsweek magazines. Insider tip: If coffee’s not your thing, their hot chocolate is to die for and they have a huge selection of Italian sodas too.


Pepperidge Farm

You can purchase all kinds of factory-fresh Pepperidge Farm products (cookies and crackers) at discount prices and in bulk. The local plant makes most of the famous goldfish crackers for the western United States. They also pump out delightful cookies like jam-filled Veronas and Lindsors and their ever-popular Milano, which is chocolate sandwiched between shortbread. Insider tip: get there early for the best selection, especially on the weekend.

Central Milling Company

Central Milling has been milling flour from grain grown in northern Utah for 150 years. Pick up a bag of all-purpose, whole wheat or baker’s special flour, or try their organic unbleached and wheat bran flours. They’ve got more varieties of flour than most people know to exist, and they’re a hot commodity for gourmet bakeries across the country. Insider tip: They make pancake and waffle mixes and hot cereals too.


Alvey’s Candies

Alvey’s Candies has been creating a delicious assortment of chocolates and candies since 1980. Try their turtles and toffees and double-dipped mint patties.

Bluebird Candy Company

Not to one-up Alvey, but Bluebird Candy Company has been sweetening the deal since 1914. Each of their dozens of mouthwatering chocolates is made from scratch and hand-dipped with care in historic downtown Logan. Local favorites include O’Aggie bars (named after Utah State University’s mascot) — milk chocolate wrapped around caramel and brazil nuts — and their Victorias — dark or milk chocolate with a rum-flavored center packed with chopped pecans.

Insider tip for all the food products above: Bring along a cooler so you can tote your extra treats home.


Lazy One

Custom-made pajamas are all the rage in gift shops across the country, and most of them are made by Lazy One. You can find long johns with trap door bottoms, boxers, and pajamas with witty sayings, and pillowcases and slippers too.

The Spirit Goat

The Spirit Goat is a family-owned local business that specializes in goats milk soaps, lotions, and many other skin-friendly products. Their store is also their “kitchen,” where they formulate and create all their products. Stop by and see them at work. They have more than 80 varieties of soap and sell to retail outlets worldwide.

All About Socks

All About Socks manufactures socks for practically every purpose in dozens of colors and in every style. Bury your weird-looking toes in argyles, glow-in-the-darks, tubes, no-shows, compression socks, socks for 21 different sports and more.