CTRL + ALT + ESC: Reset With a Wellness Vacation

By Melinda Rhodes
January 03, 2023

There’s no pause button in life. Nor is there a combination of keystrokes you can use to regain control when things start to go haywire. But there is a way to calm the chaos and reset your body and mind. Some people call it a wellness retreat. Others call it a fitness camp or gym resort. Tuh-may-tos, tuh-mah-tos. The point is the benefits of this type of vacation are beyond physical. Yes, weight loss is often the goal. But there are also mental, emotional and social benefits. And while there are many wellness vacation destinations to choose from, Utah has some of the best.

Red Rock Remedy

The high desert landscape surrounding Movara Fitness Resort is spectacular to say the least. One look at Snow Canyon State Park or Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and it’s clear why hiking is a daily part of this all-inclusive weight loss resort’s program — you’re sure to find solace and burn some calories at the same time. Drink it all in.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hiked in the past or never set a Vibram-soled boot on a trail in your life. There are multiple guides on the outdoor excursions, each trained to safely lead and motivate all group members. They’ll help you find the right pace as you climb crimson cliffs or walk beneath a canopy of lush greenery. You’re pushed to your own personal limits, but never controlled by the fastest or slowest hiker in your group.

Adiós Zoom, Hola Zumba

The daily schedule at Movara Fitness Resort includes a variety of other activities besides hiking. And (spoiler alert!) none of them involve virtual meetings that drain your time and energy. An hour of Zumba leaves you energized and empowered. Pool classes? Yes, please! A typical day also includes interval training and resistance exercise. And no one is on mute here — people with completely different backgrounds come together and channel their inner Torrence Shipman to cheer each other on during group workouts. Social support is an important part of Movara’s immersive weight loss program.

Cooking demonstrations from professional chefs and lectures/workshops with mental health experts are also included in the 7-day itinerary. The holistic approach focuses on changing habits to maintain weight loss and wellbeing after the retreat, a true reset.

Aaaah, Spaaaaa

Relaxation is also paramount to one’s overall health. Movara Fitness Resort offers a full spate of spa services. Some are designed to aid workout recovery and relaxation, including deep tissue massages and the Myer’s Cocktail. The latter isn't the latest craft drink craze, but rather an intravenous therapy that uses a specific formula of vitamins and minerals to treat (yawn) chronic fatigue and boost the immune system. It can also be beneficial for those who experience anxiety and/or depression. 

There are plenty of other services to choose from that just make you feel good about yourself. Treat yourself to that mani/pedi you haven’t had time to get lately or try something new, like a Lomi Lomi facial.

Ready, Reset, Go

Booking a week (or two!) of wellness at Movara Fitness Resort could be the reset you need when life feels too frenzied. Still not sure? You can also schedule à la carte fitness sessions and spa services rather than an all-inclusive stay. Oh, and P.S. — Movara made FitStay’s list of top fitness resorts for 2023 and Spas of America’s top 100 spas of 2021.