Fresh Powder with a side of Family Fun

Fresh Powder with a side of Family Fun

By Ann Whittaker
December 27, 2016

Davis County is your basecamp for a Utah family ski vacation

Ski Snowbasin (leave the transportation to someone else)

A ski vacation should be about skiing, right? No one plans a ski trip looking forward to driving to the resorts and waiting for some schmuck to get his ski boots off so you can claim his parking space. The good folks in Davis County have it all figured out. When you land at Salt Lake International Airport, you can hop on the public transportation system to get to a selection of hotels in Layton. From there, take the Layton-Snowbasin Ski Bus and get in your favorite lift line within 30 minutes. No money spent on a car rental, no white knuckling on the wintery roads as you head to the mountain, and no long walks to/from the parking lot.

Ski Packages – Save Time, Money, and Your Vacation

Have you heard the one about the seven hotels, the ski resort and the Utah Transit Authority? Okay, so there's no punchline, just a boatload of savings. Davis County coordinated specially-priced packages that include hotel rooms, ski passes, and bus ride tickets. Find the right hotel for your crew, jump on the bus, and hit Snowbasin's epic slopes – where the best athletes in the world competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Beyond the Slopes

You're tired. You're sore. You may even be a little grumpy. It's the end of a long day of skiing, (hopefully not) falling, smiling, laughing, and (hopefully not too much) swearing. This is where Davis County shines. Head back to the hotel for a swim, a soak in the hot tub, or even a nap. When you're hungry, you have 40 restaurants within walking distance. If you want an entire day break from skiing, take a trip to Antelope Island State Park and explore the Great Salt Lake; enjoy some indoor amusement at Boondocks Fun Center, or ice skate/shop/eat at Station Park. There are a bunch of other things to do, check them out here.

Davis is more than a county, or a common last name. It's home to the quintessential Utah winter vacation.

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