6 Free Virtual Backgrounds From Utah’s Favorite Spots

Not everyone lives in a harmonious, pixel-perfect world. When you don’t want your coworkers to see the dirty dishes piled up behind your dining room “desk” or your virtual date to see the posters of Harry Styles plastered on your wall, disguise your space (and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time) with these free virtual backgrounds for Zoom.


Metate Arch at dusk

Metate Arch

Even the most annoying, unmuted multitaskers become quiet with awe when they see this stunning twilight photo of Metate Arch in Devils Garden behind you.

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View of Zion National Park web friendly version

Angels Landing

It’s a steep hike to reach the Angels Landing viewpoint in Zion National Park, but there you are breathing easy and enjoying a virtual happy hour without a bead of sweat on your forehead.

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Bonneville Salt Flats with blue sky

Bonneville Salt Flats

Add some flava to those boring meetings that seem to last forever with salt from the ancient bed of Lake Bonneville.

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Delicate Arch at sunset in Arches National Park

Delicate Arch

Arches National Park at sunset? A go-to destination for any date — the perfect place to share a meaningful conversation or propose a virtual toast.

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Flaming Gorge in the Summer

Flaming Gorge

You can’t help but look bright-eyed during early morning meetings with the sun rising above Flaming Gorge’s walls of fi-yah.

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Dead Horse Point web friendly

Deadhorse Point

Instead of driving a blue Ford Thunderbird to Deadhorse Point, use this iconic backdrop to discuss your daily drama via video chat with your besties.

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Need help using the images in Zoom? Here’s how to use the virtual background feature or customize a room.