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Get Back on Track With a Wellness Vacation in Southern Utah

By Melinda Rhodes
September 25, 2023

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Ah, the train of life. Sometimes it moves with the speed and precision of a Shinkansen bullet train. Other times it chugs along like Union Pacific’s Big Boy No. 4014 steam locomotive going up a mountain pass. And then there are the occasional detours and derailments. When life veers you off track physically or emotionally (or both), there’s nothing like a wellness vacation with a spectacular change of scenery to help you find your course again.

There are several such wellness vacation destinations, but Movara Fitness Resort is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Utah — or anywhere, for that matter. It is located in Ivins, Utah, amidst the crimson cliffs and black lava rocks of Snow Canyon State Park and the white sandstone canyons in Zion National Park. 

With natural surroundings like these, hiking is obviously a daily part of Movara’s itineraries. But there are a variety of other therapeutic activities — from wellness workshops to pickleball games and interval training — intended to help you find your mojo again.  

All Aboard

A certain amount of motivation must come from within. But whatever your reason for choosing Movara — you’re trying to get back in shape after fracturing your femur, reprioritizing your own health after neglecting it while caring for a loved one or looking for personal ways to calm the professional chaos in your life — you need a support system. 

During your stay at Movara, you’ll be surrounded by a community of uplifting people: trainers, life coaches, nutritionists and guests on their own wellness journeys. But what about when you go back home? It’s easy for old habits to creep back in when you try to go it alone. You will be more likely to maintain the healthy habits you practice at Movara if you bring someone else with you. 

Couples Retreat

Could your soul mate also be your swole mate? Make Movara your Utah couples retreat. 

  • Stay in a luxurious private villa with a soaking tub and indoor/outdoor fireplaces 
  • Cheer each other on in a kickboxing class 
  • Book a duet session with a personal trainer
  • Participate in a private cooking class with a nutritionist
  • Reconnect on guided hikes through the high desert landscape 
  • Enjoy a night out watching a Broadway-caliber show at Tuacahn Amphitheatre 

Girls’ Trip

Do you have a no-BS BFF? Or a group that keeps you grounded? Movara is the ultimate girls’ trip destination. 

  • Groove to the beats of flamenco, salsa and other Latin music in a Zumba class 
  • Lose weight by eating 1,200 calories of delicious meals — and desserts! — that give you energy (No more fad diets that leave you feeling tired and hangry!) 
  • Make new friends on daily group hikes
  • Do some laps in the heated pool 
  • Cue up the competition and conversation at the billiards table in the guest lounge 
  • Say “aaaaaah” at the award-winning spaaaaaa while getting massages and beauty glow infusions 

Mixed Group Getaway

Are your people a bit more of an eclectic collection? Mix and match activities to get the me time and we time you desire. 

  • Start the day together with a morning stretch and guided hike
  • Schedule à la carte fitness sessions and spa services rather than an all-inclusive stay
  • Meet back up for dinner
  • Retreat to your own king suite when you’re ready to say goodnight  

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Just as no two trips are alike, no two days at Movara are alike either. But no matter who you go with, what therapeutic activities your itinerary consists of or how long you stay, there is one commonality: clarity. 

Movara’s program helps you find meaning in your workouts and balance in your life, no matter what difficulties you’ve been going through. And the natural beauty surrounding this all-inclusive resort in Utah energizes the body and soothes the soul. Find solace in southern Utah and get your life back on track with a week (or two!) of wellness at Movara Fitness Resort.

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