How to Visit Mars in Utah: A Guide

How to Visit Mars in Utah: A Guide

April 19, 2016

Goblin Valley + San Rafael Swell

Goblin Valley...Take a Walk on Mars

It's spring, and you know what that means--spring fever! Are you looking to get out of installing that white picket fence? Wish you would have been an astronaut where there are no lawns to mow on the weekends? Check out Goblin Valley--maybe the closest you'll come to setting foot on an alien planet. This state park is remote, desolate, stark and unlike anything you've seen. The rocky landscape has eroded into fanciful shapes, locally referred to as hoodoos. These bizarre looking, mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles can reach up to several feet high.

The valley is also the perfect basecamp from which to explore nearby San Rafael Swell, one of the best places to camp with kids. Learn more about Goblin Valley.

Goblin Valley State Park

Hidden Gem: San Rafael Swell

Little Wildhorse Canyon

The San Rafael Swell is one of Utah's little-known treasures. It really is a "swell" in the earth's surface that's been carved into narrow canyons, towering cliffs, and an array of multi-colored sandstone. It's a rugged and remote area offering beautiful scenery, amazing recreational opportunities, and many of the same incredible sights found in Utah's national parks, but without the crowds. Some of Utah's best canyoneering and hiking trails are found here, ranging from easy and kid-friendly to intense mega-adventures. For years, The Swell has been considered one of the undiscovered natural wonders of the American West.

Learn more about the San Rafael Swell.

Insider Tip

One of the most unique (and lesser known) things you'll find in this area is the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, which contains the densest concentrations of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found. Over 12,000 bones, belonging to at least 74 dinosaurs, have been excavated here. Located just 30 miles south of Price, the quarry offers a visitor center, guided tours, hiking trails, and a picnic area.

What to Expect

Spring and fall are the best times to visit this area, when daytime temperatures are mild and ideal for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. Nights are chilly, but not too cold. There are many camping areas available, and you can find other lodging info for the are here. This is true desert, meaning there is very little water. Always carry drinking water in your vehicle. And, there are numerous roads that only four-wheel drive vehicles can negotiate. The area receives little rainfall/snowfall, but when it does get wet, the dirt roads can become impassible. Watch the weather and take care when you visit here.

Little Wildhorse Canyon

Top Spots

The San Rafael area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with a ton of attractions to choose from. To get you started, we thought we'd share our top 5 favorite spots:

  1. Little Wildhorse Slot Canyon Hike
  2. Temple Mountain Area
  3. The Wedge Overlooks, Little Grand Canyon
  4. Buckhorn Draw
  5. Whitewater Rafting the Green River

Did You Know?

Of course, the Mars Desert Research Station is just outside Goblin Valley, and uses the stark desert environment to study what it may be like to live in a colony on Mars. Volunteers live for weeks or months at a time and carry out research tailored as closely as possible to the type of activity a Mars crew would face on the planet itself.

Goblin Valley State Park