A weekend at Zermatt can cure anything. Even chronic parking lot rage. Towanda!


Remember that one time you and your bee-charming BFF opened up a little cafe and you got in a tired-drunk food fight because you said her fried green tomatoes were terrible? No? Was that someone else?

Well do you at least remember those movie-watching Friday nights, with Fried Green Tomatoes on repeat, when you and your girlfriends pinky-swore you’d all live in the same cul de sac and be best friends for literally ever?

Okay, so neither of those situations actually happened, and you now live hundreds or thousands of miles apart from your best friends. There’s still an avenue to redemption (and it’s a lot less violent than Idgie’s redemption) in the form of a fall mountain getaway at Zermatt Resort, tucked away in Utah’s charming little town of Midway.

Take note: From October through November, Zermatt Utah is offering an irresistable room + spa package that will make you weep for joy.




Woman sitting on the grass in a yoga pose



Yoga is practically mandatory on a girls getaway. Why? Because you’ve been busy taking care of everyone else’s mind, body, and spiritual health but your own. Connecting with yourself is a prerequisite to connecting with other people’s selves. It’s unselfish me-time. Welcome back your breath, your mindfulness and a mantra to carry with you: So Hum–I am That.

Class starts every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.



Two women in an outdoor swimming pool



Lounge chairs, chai lattes and floating in warm water while catching up with girlfriends you haven’t seen in years? Indoor and outdoor. Dreams are never this good. Reality for the win.


Two women eating gelato or ice cream on a carousel



The only reason to grow up is to be able to decide to eat dessert first. And no, we did not ruin our dinner. And yes we did sample every single flavor before ordering. And no we did not share with anyone. Peppermint won two out of three times.



You’ll get over the embarrassment of being a grown-up asking the bellman to start up the merry-go-round — why have a merry-go-round if no one’s supposed to use it?! — and you’ll choose your spirit animal: goat (independent mountain climber), horse (freedom and power), tiger (persistence and patience), or bear (courage).



Three woman relaxing on the lawn at the Zermatt Resort


Twilight Walks | Around ponds with views of mountaintops

Never, ever, ever miss a good mountain walk with your besties. Ever. Especially when there are ponds to walk around. You’ll breathe deeper, unclench your jaw and leave a little stress on the wayside.


Women at a restaurant eating dinner at Zermatt Resort



Savory and sweet food that someone else has prepared for you. Comfort food that will keep you lingering to the last bite. Mashed sweet potatoes, for example.


Luxury Rooms

Because you need somewhere private to talk about the important things, like politics and celebrity crushes. Stay in the villas if you like cooking up a storm with your womenfolk.


Woman getting a manicure at the Zermatt Spa



All spa outings should start with a mani/pedi so you can ease into things alongside your BFFs before going your separate, luxurious ways. Then you can get some quiet time during a massage and/or whatever other treatment sounds nice, with only your pampered nail beds and some whale sounds for company.

Thank you, Zermatt. Stress reduced. Breaths deepened. Cuticles attended to. Long life for one and all.



Onsite Tennis Courts

Heber Valley Cheese (Midway)

Scenic Drive (Francis → Kamas → Oakley → Park City → Midway)