Cataract Canyon – A Midlife Crescendo

Cataract Canyon – A Midlife Crescendo

By Chad Taylor & Jake Wilhelmsen
January 23, 2018
Running the Colorado River's epic rapids past petroglyphs and towering red rock walls will let you feel young again. For a few days, at least.

All right. The kids have graduated. It’s harder to get out of chairs. You’re solidly engaged in a midlife crisis. You looked into a Mercedes but you want whatever you use to mask your gnawing sense of mortality to appreciate, not depreciate. So you’re still on the prowl for the Next Big Rush, for something memorable.

Don’t worry, when life gives you crises, is here to help you make whitewater lemonade. Why not fling your body down some of the most grisly waterscapes in the known world on an inner tube? Whether you make it or not, your kids will have (had) the coolest parents ever!

Or, if you don’t want to get quite that midlife-crisisy, you can still go on an adventure, but hire a guide first. Let them throw you over a waterfall!

We’d like to recommend the guides at Outdoor Adventure River Specialists (see what they did there?). They’ve been cruising through Cataract Canyon for years and they’ll row, row, row your boat however gently you want down the stream mighty Colorado.

Here are a couple of reasons (there are many more, but our research shows people nowadays don’t have the attention span for long articles) why you should book a Cataract Canyon rafting adventure through O.A.R.S.

The Rapids

If you don’t think rapids named Brown Betty, Mile Long, Capsize and Big Drop sound exhilarating, this might not be the trip for you. The Cataract Canyon trip is full of Class III–IV rapids that live up to their monikers. Class V rapids are possible in May and June. O.A.R.S. has all of the safety gear and expertise to keep your screams just this side of the Wahoo! / I’m going to die! divide.

The Itinerary

O.A.R.S. has a four-day itinerary that has everything. We’re not just talking about the amazing scenery, exhilarating adventure and the expert guide knowledge; this trip has a camp waiting for you at the end of each day with catered meals. No lugging around a cooler and trying to remember how your tent poles fit together every night. They take care of every detail.

See the itinerary

The Rave Reviews

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what past river-runners have said about their experiences on this trip:

“The crew was professional and fun, and we had a wonderful week on the river. Our head guide Lars is a gem, as he has a wealth of information not only on stars, but on the local plants, animals, and history.”

–Paula from Tennessee

“The staff at OARS was almost unbelievable. They were real, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, witty, tough, and eccentric!”

–Rich from Florida

“The river and canyons were beautiful and the hikes put it all in perspective. The white water was exhilarating and our guides handled it expertly.”

–John from New York

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