Rent and Roam with Outdoorsy

Rent and Roam with Outdoorsy

July 15, 2021

Outdoorsy is a community rental service for RV owners.

Everyone loves to adventure, but opportunities to get out and explore can sometimes be few and far between. Maybe you’re lacking the tools and equipment you need to enjoy the open road the way you want to, or maybe you have the means to seize the day, but don’t have enough days off to seize. Thankfully, when it comes to one of America’s most beloved adventure pastimes — a good old-fashioned RV trip — one company is making it easier than ever to connect those that have the time with those that have the goods.


Outdoorsy is an online RV rental marketplace that connects RV owners with aspiring renters, helping adventurers hit the road more easily and giving owners the chance to earn some extra money in between their own travels. It’s a win-win for everyone involved because it’s a lot easier to send your RV off with other adventurers than it is to see it gathering dust in your driveway. Just like it’s a lot easier to rent an RV for your yearly trip than it is to buy one outright. Boy, this sure sounds easy.

Ready To Rent?

Renting with Outdoorsy works mostly the same way as it does on other vacation rental sites, except with Outdoorsy your location is just the beginning of your journey, and instead of seeing names like “Quaint Country Cottage” and “Delightful Downtown Condo” you’ll see names like “Flying Dutchman” and “The Bear Cave.” It’s easy to sense the love that Outdoorsy owners have for their RVs, and they’re happy to share that love with you as you write another chapter in the story of “Happy Camper.”

Outdoorsy’s search tool allows you to search by location, dates, price, type, amenities, and more, and even includes helpful hints like “Easy To Drive” and “Good For Couples.” Once you’ve selected the perfect palace on wheels, just send a booking request to the owner. You can arrange a pick-up time, or, in some cases, even have the owner meet you at your campsite.

Everything after that is up to you! Whether you’re freewheelin’ folk or more itinerary inclined, the road is yours to enjoy however you’d like, and you’ll have 24/7 roadside assistance no matter what. Your only obligation is to return your temporary home away from home the way you found it.

Sharing the Love

Want to rent out your RV? It’s as easy as crumble, which is even easier than pie. Create an account on Outdoorsy to get started, then list your rental. Include photos of your RV (preferably on an adventure), a lively description and your location. Then sit back and watch the requests roll in. Or don’t!

Outdoorsy also makes it easy for you to set your schedule and enjoy some adventures of your own. You can also review potential renters and only loan out your RV to people with who you feel comfortable. You should feel comfortable with most, though — Outdoorsy uses only qualified renters who have passed a comprehensive driver verification.

When you find the perfect renter and hand off the keys, be sure to share your RV’s unique quirks, highlights and secrets, as well as any hidden gems or travel nuggets you’ve picked up on your own odysseys. Then, if your separation anxiety can take it, watch your rig drive off on its next adventure.

A quick antidote to that separation anxiety — Outdoorsy’s $1 million liability insurance, which is included on all of its vehicles. Meanwhile, you’ve also got a paycheck coming your way, and though the figure might not be as impressive as that insurance coverage (that’d be one heck of an RV), a little extra cash should ease some stress as well. Money will appear in your account within 24 hours of rental return, and it can often be a pretty substantial sum.

Many Outdoorsy owners report earning an extra $30,000-$50,000 a year, based on rates they’ve set themselves. All that money certainly looks a lot better parked in your bank account than in your driveway.

The Open Road Awaits

The only thing left to figure out is where to head on your RV vacation, or what to do with all that extra cash (hint: go on an RV vacation). Whether you’re going from campground to campground, hitting Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks or just looking to take in the view from the open road,’s got you covered. We’ve got top notch tips and tricks on everything that’s buzzing in the Beehive State, but we’ll also forgive you if you take an Outdoorsy owner’s travel advice instead. What’s familiar to their RV might be new to you, or vice versa, and that sharing of the joys of travel, whether as a renter or an owner, is what Outdoorsy is all about.