September 13, 2018

Run away from it all at Red Mountain Resort

Life is an endless series of overwhelming responsibilities and underwhelming prospects, and sometimes you gotta throw in the towel. And sometimes you gotta strip naked, wave that towel in surrender, and then wrap yourself in it. Because you, our frazzled friend, are going to the spa! Tell your family to buzz off and your boss to calm down. Have the neighbor kids change your geriatric poodle’s diaper. You need some time for yourself.

Red Mountain Resort is an award-winning spa and self-care vacation designed to rejuvenate your world-weary spirit. Located at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park, the property has views of ancient lava flows and red cliffs speckled with green sagebrush. After the scenery soothes your soul, a team of wellness professionals will swoop in to knead your tense body. Next, try hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and stargazing to enliven the spirit and mind. Eat a gourmet meal and sip some wine. Instead of trying to look after 10 other people by yourself, let 10 other people look after yourself.


Hiking in Snow Canyon State Park

Remember that time when you made your own self-care treatment plan? It included bingeing on Netflix and not changing your underwear for a week? Well, no offense, but it might be time to put your self-care into someone else’s hands. The professionals at Red Mountain will make an individualized treatment plan for you that is too relaxing to fail. Intuitive therapists listen to your issues and then recommend the best treatments for you. First, a massage to loosen your muscles and calm your heart. Next try a hike in Snow Canyon with a knowledgeable guide, then onto a cooking, yoga, or pilates class. Finish the day with a warm Himalayan salt stone massage. Then watch some Netflix if you want. But please change your underwear.


Relax with stunning Red Mountain views

Remember that other time time you ate lettuce and pine needles for a week as part of a “toxin cleanse”? Then on the eighth day you ate five bags of pizza Combos because you were so damned hungry? We are NOT here to shame you, but there might be a better way. During your stay, Red Mountain Resort provides three nourishing meals made with high-quality ingredients. Enjoy the homemade banana nut bread, goat cheese, grass-fed beef, desserts and fine wines. The folks here believe in cultivating a long-term healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are in your health. And that doesn’t mean depriving yourself of delicious, glorious food. Take pleasure from your meals and get the energy you need to sit very still during meditation. Each day has a different menu, with everything prepared from scratch by chefs with perfectly balanced chakras. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available of course!


Here’s an idea: Maybe you’re so stressed because technology has inundated you with too much information about your perfect friends’ perfect vacation to Guam, a place that looks perfect in pictures. Red Mountain Resort wants to restore your long-lost sanity by spending time outside. Breathe in the wide open desert air while walking the lovely grounds. Swing in a hammock and watch the sunset over Snow Canyon State Park. Have a poolside Facetime with your kids. (Or not! They’re fine.)

Try something new in the outdoors, by land, sea or harness, with the resorts guided horseback riding, kayaking and rock climbing. Make some new friends or enjoy the solitude of the desert.


Red Mountain Resort

Twenty years old and they’ve still got it! Red Mountain Resort is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and they just put the finishing touches on a huge renovation project. Guests can enjoy a new indoor patio with floor to ceiling windows — a comfortable place to gain some perspective. Now where’s that towel you threw in a few days ago…?