Salt Lake: Ski More, Do More, Save More

Salt Lake: Ski More, Do More, Save More

By Chad Taylor & Jake Wilhelmsen
December 01, 2017

Calling yourself “Ski City” is a bold claim, but so was Muhammad Ali calling himself “the greatest of all time.” Being bold doesn’t make you wrong.

Ski more (like, the same day you travel)

Traveling is the worst. Airport parking... checking your skis... TSA screening… the millennial in front of you who wants to know why he has to take his laptop out of his backpack... getting seated next to a stranger who wants to chat like it’s book club... doing the overhead compartment shuffle… deplaning like so many cattle… finding baggage claim... waiting for your skis... figuring out what to do, where to go, and how to get there...

Shouldn’t you be rewarded for surviving the gauntlet? Yes. Yes you should. From SLC International, it’s literally 45 minutes to the lift lines. This is why it’s called Ski City. You can practically ski onto I-215. You can practically crash into Lone Star Taqueria in Cottonwood Heights. A ski vacation around here means driving less and skiing more. It means variety (spend consecutive days at each of the four Salt Lake resorts). It means your effort getting here was worth it.

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Do more

You came to ski. We get it, and you’ll get plenty of runs in. But even if you ski from open to close, you’ve still got 17 hours in the day to fill, and no other ski destination has this much city to keep you busy après-ski. Salt Lake might feel like a quaint ski town while you’re on the mountain, but 20 minutes away there’s an urban experience that you should, you know, experience. Performing arts, NBA basketball, concerts, museums, dining, and bars. Hit the town with a million other notoriously friendly Utahns, each one a Facebook friend, Twitter/Instagram co-follower or pen pal (is that still a thing?) in the making.

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Save more

Now for the best part. Skiing isn’t just better in Salt Lake. It’s cheaper too. Ex. 1: FOOD. Say you crave some olives. In Salt Lake you can just bop over to a regular grocery store instead of paying $29 for a tiny jar if you’re stuck in a price-gouging resort town. Ex. 2: LIFT TICKETS. With the Super Pass your lift tickets will average less than $90/day. Ex. 3 TRANSPORTATION. Public transit is free if you get the Super Pass. And it’s also awesome, green, stress-free and fast. Ex. 4: LODGING. Maybe you’re not the fancy stay-at-the-lodge type. Salt Lake’s range of hotels offer rates you’ll think are too good to be true.

To sum it up: Eating, sleeping, traveling and skiing — aka everything that matters — is more affordable in Salt Lake.

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