A Small Restaurant with a Ginormous Soul : Sego

A Small Restaurant with a Ginormous Soul : Sego

March 25, 2016

Kanab’s Sego Restaurant: Don’t Come With People You Don’t Like

Photo Credit: Isabel Uriate

Only bring your favorite people because this experience shouldn’t be spoiled.

Executive Chef, Shon has cooked personally for Paul Simon in Zion National Park and Leonardo Dicaprio in Lake Powell, to name just a couple on an impressive list. When he tells you about the moment he saw a guide riding a horse with Paul Simon’s sticker-covered guitar case rounding the sandstone bend, your heart skips a beat. Shon even sung along on a few tunes with the entire Simon family. How’s that for a memorable experience?

Shon believes that the most powerful experiences are around a table with the people you love, and providing the food that will strengthen those relationships.

Photo Credit: Isabel Uriate

“The food fades away. The experience is about the people you’re with.”

And Shon also believes in Kanab—a small desert Utah town near Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. Kanab will take you places.

Sego's menu is a powerhouse of one favorite after another. "It’s hard to choose" is an understatement. Lucky for you every single person working in that restaurant is determined to make your experience the one you're hoping for. You’ll ask for recommendations, and they’ll ask you what kind of experience you’re looking for and base their advice on your response.

Photo Credit: Isabel Uriate

From farm-to-table? Yes, but no. Sego goes beyond gimmicks and really believes in the people, the land, and the meal that ends up on the table. It’s about micro-local—the people working in the restaurant provide a lot of Sego’s food. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet Casey, the general manager, who also raises chickens and has an impressive garden that can feed the masses.

Shon also believes in the law of abundance as a small town entrepreneur—there’s enough for everyone. This doesn’t mean, however, that he is not concerned with waste—au contraire. He hates, really hates, waste. So they compost the leftovers, use every bit of the chicken, and save the scraps whenever possible. Their goal is to waste less than 1%.

“I have a reverence and a respect for the process.”

Ultimately, the Sego experience is the best kind of family reunion—not the kind where you leave all torn up inside, but the kind where you remember why you love the people you love because you shared a good meal together—a really, really good meal.

Let Sego inspire you to excellence with the people you travel with. Linger. Share. Dream. No hyperbole because this is what we all want small-town America to be.

We tried and loved:

Grilled Caeser: romaine, caeser, fried egg, parmesan

Falafel: house pita, olive, pine nut, arugula, garlic, tomato, cucumber, tahini

Fried Rice: crispy egg, fried shallot, sambal-sweet soy

Chicharron: fried chicken skins, togarashi, truffle-hone, thai chili, garlic

Sego Noodles: curry stir fry Hawaiian red crab, veggies, cabbage, rice noodles

Cauliflower: parmesan, sea salt, white BBQ sauce

Flourless Chocolate Torte: dark chocolate soufflé cake, salted caramel sauce, toasted coconut, strawberry, whipped cream

Bread & Brown Butter Pudding: ancient pan break, browned butter, raisin, spiced rum custard, banana foster sauce, vanilla cream

(Yes, we tried all of that. In one sitting. And we were pretty happy about it.)