Snowmobile Adventure: Have the Adventure of a Lifetime at Bear River Lodge

Snowmobile Adventure: Have the Adventure of a Lifetime at Bear River Lodge

By Vincent Ninh
November 05, 2021

What defines a successful vacation is entirely subjective and dependent on the adventure level preferred by the vacationer. On one end of the scale, some envision a relaxing time with loved ones in a cozy setting, reminiscing over simpler, pre-TikTok times. On the other, it’s full adventure or bust — this group refuses to go anywhere if there’s not at least a small chance of a wildlife encounter or broken collarbone.

Those two types of vacation may seem mutually exclusive, but there are ways to get the best of both worlds. Nestled high up in the Uinta mountains — about two hours east of Salt Lake — stands the Bear River Lodge, where the comfort of luxurious mountain cabins and the excitement of snowmobiling converge. Here’s how you can plan the adventure of a lifetime this winter.

Why snowmobiling?

(If you’ve been sledding since the first time flare jeans were in fashion and don’t need any convincing, bypass this section.)

If you’ve never tried snowmobiling before, you might be wondering why you should give it a go. After all, there are a plethora of world-class winter activities in Utah. Here are a few reasons to choose the sled life:

Access: Utah offers endless snowmobiling opportunities, from beginner-friendly groomed trails to rugged backcountry terrain. 2-up snowmobiles and the aforementioned easy trails also make it a potential family-friendly activity.

Sights: Riding a snowmobile enables you to cover a lot of ground while you can vary your speed as desired, meaning you can appreciate Utah’s winter wonderland to its fullest.

Speed: In case you missed it, your snowmobile has an engine. This means that when it is safe to do so, you can pick up a little bit of speed and feel a lot of thrills.

[Bear River Lodge’s all-inclusive snowmobile tours]This year, Bear River Lodge is offering brand-spanking-new, all-inclusive guided snowmobile tour packages. But first, keep in mind that these are for advanced sledders who are as comfortable on a Ski-Doo as a cat in a tiny cardboard box. If you’re newer in the game, you might want to rent a snowmobile separately or simply enjoy the lodge’s gorgeous cabins — the next section has more information on those two options.

These All-Inclusive guided-tour packages include everything: lodging at The Cabins, home-cooked meals, a new shiny snowmobile (choose between the 2022 Ski-Doo 600cc or the 850cc), all necessary gear (helmet, gloves, snowsuit, snow boots), and damage agreement. All you have to bring is a good attitude. And potentially a new jaw as yours might drop from experiencing some of the most exciting, fun, and scenic sledding of your life.

At least four participants are required to book an All-Inclusive tour and three duration options are available: two nights/one day, three nights/two days, and four nights/three days.

Other toy rentals and cabins

If an all-inclusive advanced tour is a little too much for you at this stage of your snowmobiling career, consider Bear River Lodge’s other rental options. They offer three snowmobile models, all the newest ones available on the market:

  • A Ski-Doo Summit 850cc for $395/day
  • A Ski-Doo 600cc for $295/day
  • A Ski-Doo two-seater for $345/day

Snowbikes are also available for rental for $395/day as well as a heated six-seater side-by-side for $445/day for those looking to ride with the whole family in tow.

The Cabins at Bear River Lodge offer a perfect mix of modern and rustic (you’ll be on a log bed watching satellite TV) and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every occasion — from couple getaways to family reunions. Rates start as follow:

  • Studio cabin: $279/night
  • One-bedroom: $329/night
  • Two-bedroom: $449/night
  • Five-bedroom: $1,099/night
  • Seven-bedroom: $1,599/night

Trax PowerSports, a sister company with locations in Morgan and Bountiful, also offers rentals of snowmobiles and side-by-sides with snow tracks.

Year-round fun at Bear River Lodge

Hey everybody! You’ve had some fun (sledding). This winter-only came once but you don’t have to be done… Let the good times roll — by becoming a shared cabin owner. Bear River Lodge’s shared-ownership program uses a nifty point-based system that creates great flexibility. Owners purchase deeded ownership in a specific cabin and receive a certain amount of points yearly. Those points can then be used to reserve (up to a year in advance) any of five designated shared-ownership cabins. Can’t make it out for a season? No problem — simply defer your points to the next year.

Another way to keep the fun going post-winter is to take advantage of summer offerings from Bear River Lodge and TRAX PowerSports. The former offers ATVs and side-by-sides — and will start hosting all-inclusive side-by-side guided tours in 2022. The latter rents out even more fun toys. In addition to ATVs and side-by-sides, the Morgan and Bountiful TRAX PowerSports locations offer dirt bikes, personal watercraft, boats, and the Polaris Slingshot (a three-wheeled motorcycle).

Ready for a memorable adventure?

If you’re ready for a winter adventure that’s equal parts exciting and relaxing (and 100% memorable), Bear River Lodge is waiting for you. Visit their website here or shoot them an email to get more information.