Powell Made Perfect

Powell Made Perfect

By Katie Bradley Barrett
August 05, 2019

Whether you’re planning your first Lake Powell trip, you’re already a veteran of one of Utah’s favorite playgrounds or you’re a grownup who just rediscovered your old legos in your parents’ basement, there’s a universal truth that applies: Toys are fun.

Really. Having the right toys can take your trip from kicking around in the sand to livin la vida loca. But Powell toys can be expensive and not everyone’s ready to commit to, you know, buying a houseboat. So, where to begin?

Enter Ticaboo. This gem of a city’s name means “friendly” in Paiute, and it delivers that feeling as well as “helpful,” “kind” and “generous.” Set up your home base at Ticaboo Lodge and Resort and rent toys to your heart’s content.

One If By Land

People forget there’s land around Lake Powell, but don’t sleep on the terrestrial activities — like rock hounding, off-roading, and more than 800 miles of trails. If you’re short on time but want a unique excursion, head to the Ancestral Puebloan Ruins in Forgotten Canyon where you can hike to an intact Native American home and take in the petroglyphs in under an hour. Then, for a not-to-be-missed scenic experience, wind your way to Forbidding Canyon for a short hike to one of the largest natural bridges in the world: the spectacular Rainbow Bridge.

Two If By Sea

Okay. Time to dip your toes in. For those iconic red rock Lake Powell photos, you’ve gotta pick the right vehicle. Do you have the need for speed? Rent a ski boat with a wakeboard tower and throw in a tube for the little ones. More in the mood to chill? Pick up a party barge. (Pro-tip: You can crash a party; you can party on a barge; but please don’t crash a party barge.) Only in it for the fishing? Ticaboo has boats for that, too. However you want to hit the lake, they have the boats, WaveRunners, kayaks, and accessories to get your splash on.

Ticaboo Lodge & Adventure Center is located at North Lake Powell Utah in the Bullfrog Basin, just 60 miles south of Hanksville.

50 If By Canyon

Is canyoneering on your list? Then you’re in luck. Within a small radius of the North Wash area, access 50-plus canyons where you can downclimb and upclimb as much as you like. Some canyoneering highlights might include Hogwarts, Morocco, and Leprechaun within the nearby Irish Canyons.

Ticaboo Lodge and Resort also manages the Hite Outpost and Adventure Center in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. If you can imagine a recreational outing, chances are they can outfit you. That’s right — more toys! An impressive list of rentals include mountain bikes, E-bikes, paddle boards, ATVs, UTVs, kayaks — even fishing rods. And if you’re geared up already, the Outpost can provide a nice spot to refresh with a gas station, groceries, and a delicious Grill.

Guided Tours

Are you more of a follower, at least until you get your feet wet? Circle back to Ticaboo Lodge and Resort, where their full service extends to guided tours galore. ATV and UTV tours, guided mountain biking tours, scenic drives on the Burr Trail with breathtaking views of the Henry Mountains... the list goes on. Book an adventure side-trip with sightseeing options to popular attractions like Monument Valley, Natural Bridges National Monument, Goblin Valley and more.

With all the possibilities for play, don’t neglect your post-adventure cool down. Put your feet up and enjoy all the modern amenities at Ticaboo Lodge and Resort before heading out with your toys and doing it all again in the morning.