Top 5 Glamping Spots in Utah

Top 5 Glamping Spots in Utah

By Jake Wilhelmsen
June 26, 2017 | Updated February 12, 2024

Crunchy outdoor traditionalists, with their 40-year-old external-frame steel backpacks and Precambrian packing lists (maybe they’ll bring some matches — maybe…) might look down their leathery, unshaven noses at glamping. (That’s a portmanteau of glamour and camping, in case you’re so unfancy you’ve never even heard the word.) They may see gourmet grub and king beds in studio-apartment-sized canvas tents as a bastardization of one of the last bastions of Teddy Rooseveltish off-the-grid-ism. “Pah!” they may snort. “That’s not camping; it’s gentrified squatting!”

But for the rest of us, nature is nature and there’s no wrong way to see it. If you’re able to unhitch yourself from the self-flagellating dogma of outdoor asceticism, you may even realize camping can be a pleasurable experience in its own right rather than a character-building mission only enjoyable in hindsight.

Even the analog purists afford themselves a few fireside luxuries, right? Like Uncle Ken, who backpacked a heavy rib eye into the Uintas? Or your hippie brother who insists on wearing deodorant canyoneering? So why not, at least occasionally, embrace the decadence? Utah’s mountains and canyons are beautiful, even if you’re not suffering. Glamping may even be the way you get your city slicker mother-in-law into the great outdoors. (She’ll be backpacking The Maze in no time!)

And so, for all your softies, here are our five fave glamping spots in Utah. Kick up your feet in the great outdoors.

5. Capitol Reef Resort

Capitol Reef Resort

Something tells us the original tepees and Conestoga wagons didn’t have turn-down service and electrical outlets.

4. Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Stay any way you want — lodge, cabin, wagon or tent — with access to a zip line, pools, mini golf, ATVs, horses. Oh, and it shares an invisible border with some national park.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch

3. Under Canvas Moab

No need to pack your biodegradable TP. The spacious, safari-inspired accommodations at this glamping resort boast ensuite baths stocked with organic bath products. 

Under Canvas Moab

2. Under Canvas Zion

You’ll be starry eyed after staying at one of the world’s first Dark Sky Resorts, situated on the doorstep of an International Dark Sky Park. And its electricity is generated by one star in particular: sun.

Under Canvas Zion

1. Conestoga Ranch (Bear Lake)

For a northern Utah take on glamping, (have someone else) pitch your tent on the shores of the Caribbean of the Rockies. Yoga, high-end cuisine and complimentary cruisers come standard.

Conestoga Ranch