It's romantic. It's awe-inspiring. It's better than going to the gym. It's better than streaming a new series on the Internet. It's even better (dare we say it?) than watching the latest NOVA episode where they dig up the remains of Vikings, analyze Iceman, or explain a cure for an elusive disease. Yes, it is the sunset. And, lucky you, if you missed it last night, it will happen again tonight. And Utah has at least 1,235 places that will knock your socks off if you stop to watch the sun go down, but we're giving you our top 5.


05. Most Urban Sunset (Best City View): Mount Olympus

City Sunset seen from Mt. Olympus in Utah


04. Most Remote Sunset: Uinta Mountains

Haden Peak and lake sunset in the Uintahs


03. Most Dramatic Sunset: Monument Valley National Monument

Monument Valley Sunset


02. Most Peaceful Sunset: Sailing on the Great Salt Lake

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake


01. Most Colorful: Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

Dramatic Sunset in Bryce Canyon National Park